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Previous incarnations of Cleveland/P&C/D&D have had an image thread, to handle political cartoons and other image-based stuff that doesn't belong in the general post-a-picture threads.

If any of them spawn an extended discussion, please spawn it off into its own thread. Replies to non-picture replies should take the form of a link pointing to a post on a different discussion thread.

And I shouldn't have to say it, but the images still need to abide by the rules.

But he's a RINO, right?

He’s finally found a dictator who had weapons of mass destruction.

And loves (to eat) yellow cake!

Is it wrong to suggest Cheney invite Trump to go quail hunting?

I hate that I agree with Dick Cheney about something.

I dunno, I think the current SCOTUS lineup includes some nearly-equal threats to our democracy, not to mention the many people culpable for conspiring with Trump's crimes.

He has the chops to judge, for sure.

Why can't he get a golf date with Trump and let the shells fall where they will?




The kid should've raised the price. #capitalism.


justice, at long last

Needs to be long johns, a more tower-like pastry.

Coffee sounds too European. We need to call it freedom juice.

fangblackbone wrote:

Coffee sounds too European. We need to call it freedom juice.

Please, the Thrilling Adventure Hour solved that for us...


Joe Biden didn't refold the newspaper he was looking at in the Denny's waiting area.

Joe Biden dipped a chip in the dip, took a bite, then dipped it again.

Joe Biden's wallet is too thick


Joe Biden sold his Camaro Trans Am.

Joe Biden farted and pointed the finger at someone else.
Joe Biden didn't hold the elevator door for me.

Joe Biden had too many memes with Obama.

Dark Brandon stole our joke

Joe Biden was two weeks late returning a book and some Matlock DVDs.

Y'all have got me missing the Joe Biden that The Onion made up during Obama's Presidency...



You know what’s weird? I don’t think that SHOCKING reveal has gotten nearly as much coverage as some angry haters hoped it might.

If that was my voting district, I’d be like “meh. White people”

I'm going to have to see some of this material myself before I can make an informed voting choice.