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...it's not "code", Lauren....

I dunno, maybe try being less hateful and anti-semitic??

*ooh_self-burn_ those_are_rare.gif*

This is the woman who thinks that it is easier to afford children than birth control.

In fairness, if you neglect your children they are pretty affordable.


SallyNasty wrote:

In fairness, if you neglect your children they are pretty affordable.

I think her kids would have preferred neglect.







Let's not forget the children being shot...


UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Let's not forget the children being shot...

And mature enough to work the graveyard shift at 7-11.




And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling Libs!




Mortgage Payment: $3500 per Month




This is somewhere between 20 and 30 years too late.

Beat me to it. And I have friends who have moved there to retire in the last 2 years...

Why don't people listen?

I mean, it's a city in the desert... Now do Las Vegas.

Las Vegas came within 90 days of running out of water last year, if I remember right. They are already there.

We moved to Globe, AZ in 1989 while I was in high school(about 90 mins or so east of Phoenix in the mountains)

Even then you could see that Phoenix had grown far beyond what was sustainable, what's there now is absolute madness.

I lived in Tucson until just recently and the future of water was one of the big things that made us leave.

Several large home insurers in California, including State Farm (the largest) and Liberty Mutual, have stopped issuing and renewing home insurance in the state due to the extreme cost of wildfires (related to greatly increased costs of construction as well as fire risk). Homeowners will now have to buy into the state-run high risk insurance pool for insurance.

Don't go to the dry West, folks. Just don't do it. New England is really nice this time of the century.

I'm reading this post as I sit under the smoke cloud of the biggest wildfire in Nova Scotia's history. We're all ready to go if the rain doesn't come tonight. It's dry everywhere, even places where historically it shouldn't be. The second half of my life is going to be interesting.

The crazy thing is, it is entirely possible to sustain populations twice or three times the size of those current cities in the desert if they were just a little smarter with urban planning. Car dependency, single family zoning, and their respective loads on infrastructure are to blame for the unsustainable water usage (among many other ills).

Something like 70-80% of Arizona's water is used for agriculture. In a desert. The problem is not the cities or the houses. Hell, building houses on former farm land probably saves water. The problem is the inefficient farming practices and letting farmers take water to grow water-intensive crops that are then shipped out of state and out of country. If I was a developer or citizen in Arizona and the government was telling me I need to cut water I would be pissed because they are just punishing me with conservation theater so they don't have to go after the real problem.