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What an asshole.

He really is the f*cking worst.

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It’s crazy that someone attempted to assassinate the 2nd in the line of succession behind the President of the US AGAIN and it’s not a bigger story.

As regards Elon I don’t know why he would set his wealth on fire by becoming chief sh*tposter at Twitter unless:

A - He’s not wasting his money and he’s just facilitating foreign influence operations.

B - He stands to make money by decidedly siding with the other oligarchs / GOP.

I don’t know what he gets out of this otherwise.

DSGamer wrote:

I don’t know what he gets out of this otherwise.

Trump 2024 followed by Musk 2028 and 2032, during which time Twitter becomes the sole compulsory means of texting anyone you know.

Musk was born in South Africa so no presidency for him unless:

US constitution is changed,
He convinces enough of the (right) people that he is US-born, or
US annexes South Africa

Any of which are now possible, I guess.

All of these guys think they are going to be even more rich and powerful under the Republican feudalism they are working toward. They'll put the last nail in the coffin for law and order ever applying to rich, white men, and any kind of labor rights.

DSGamer wrote:

It’s crazy that someone attempted to assassinate the 2nd in the line of succession behind the President of the US AGAIN and it’s not a bigger story.

I'm sure it would have been a much bigger story if she (and her Secret Service detail) had actually been anywhere near her home at the time.

They have more wealth than they know what to do with anyway. At this point, it's all about ego.

DSGamer wrote:

It’s crazy that someone attempted to assassinate the 2nd in the line of succession behind the President of the US AGAIN and it’s not a bigger story.

I keep having this bleak thought that the only thing that will shock America out of the destructive path it's on is for one of these assassination attempts to actually succeed. Close calls don't seem to be cutting it. Maybe if Mike Pence or AOC had been killed on January 6th, or Gretchen Whitmer kidnapped and murdered, or Pelosi just now.

Then there's the bleaker thought. I don't think even that would make a difference. The country would be shocked for a few days. McConnell and the ostensibly more reasonable Republican politicians would express their horror and support for the victims. Fox News would briefly seem listless and unmoored, not knowing what to say. Within a few days (hours?) though they'd find some way to pivot back into blaming everything on the Democrats, Antifa, woke culture, Soros, etc. Everyone would fall back in line.

Mitch had the opportunity to bring things back from the brink. They had their judges already, all they could get from 45. And Trump attempted a coup. Mitch could have had a real investigation with these witnesses that we've seen in Jan 6 committee fresh in the Senate. Then locked his ass up and prevented him from running again. And a measure of balance would have been restored and a dose of sanity.

But Mitch chose party and power over country and oath to the constitution. And that was the last chance there was for the GOP to redeem themselves.

fenomas wrote:

His second day in charge and the guy is openly spreading known right-wing conspiracies.


Ah, the Santa Monica Observer...


The best part is, he deleted his tweet. Feckless.

gewy wrote:

I keep having this bleak thought that the only thing that will shock America out of the destructive path it's on

I've already succumbed to the despairing notion that we're past that point. The complacency and/or apathy of the majority is too far entrenched -- they'll keep denying that things could ever get "that bad" or that they will personally be negatively affected until it's too late for us to right the ship. And that point of no return gets frighteningly closer by the day.






Elon may be trying to haggle, but Stephen's point (while not explicitly spelled out in this single tweet) is that charging people any amount of money for the blue checkmark fundamentally changes what it means.

Currently it means that the person is someone of renown within their field- and it can be trusted that it's their account and not someone trying to imitate them.

Start charging for people to get a checkmark and it becomes "these are the people who choose to pay for twitter premium". And while, yes, Stephen King can afford $240 a year if he would chose to pay it, others who currently have the blue check may not, published researchers, lesser known authors, activists, etc. While many who have the check are well off, that doesn't mean that everyone who has it is.

Not to mention he has no concept of the fact that lots of those people with blue checkmarks actually earn the platform way more money just by being there and drawing in users than he could ever hope to get from a subscription fee.

And I have no doubt that if blue checkmarks become "hey I paid for this" markers, within a few months, Twitter will have some new "Verified" tier anyway. The minute someone impersonates a famous person in a damaging way and the platform doesn't have a way to deal with that is the moment those big draws start to back away from Twitter. Because the only way they'll have to protect themselves is to delete their Twitter and say somewhere else, "Hey, if you see me on Twitter, that's not me, because I'm not there."

It is astonishing to me how Elon keeps finding new ways to demonstrate that he has no idea what he's doing.

It is very entertaining watching him do his Twitter business planning, unilaterally, with no engineering input, on Twitter.









farley3k wrote:


It’s about who gets the free donuts (even if it’s everyone) and who’s nana (even if it’s yours).



What is making these quotes about rich control of things really funny for me is they are all on twitter - which is owned by the ultra rich.






Herschel Walker makes everything worse





Holy christ I'm going to miss twitter when it's gone: