[News] Post a D&D Picture

Previous incarnations of Cleveland/P&C/D&D have had an image thread, to handle political cartoons and other image-based stuff that doesn't belong in the general post-a-picture threads.

If any of them spawn an extended discussion, please spawn it off into its own thread. Replies to non-picture replies should take the form of a link pointing to a post on a different discussion thread.

And I shouldn't have to say it, but the images still need to abide by the rules.

Sure glad that the "marketplace of ideas" made short work of those ideas! Never saw them again!


Or a Democratic governor who's had their ability to enact life-saving measures stripped away by a Republican General Assembly. Just sayin'.


Of course the real difference is laws. If you don't take off your shoes you get taken away by nice men with large guns. If you won't wear a mask you just abuse a teenage cashier to feel powerful.


Tucker Carlson has been claiming for the last week or so that the Dems have already been caught attempting voter fraud because one was arrested with several hundred ballots in his car. The real story is that it was just some houseless guy living in his car that had stolen a mail crate.

I can see the headlines now:

"CA Newsom hiring homeless people to steal mail crates of ballots in Trump won counties"
(which is every county since Trump actually won CA in a landslide...)