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Malor wrote:
Zona wrote:

catching said virus and dying somehow being Good for the Republican parties electoral chances perplexing.

Republicans know Trump's a bad deal. They'd get really excited about Pence.

In a different sense than usual, I'm repeating myself here: I said at least two or three times that I thought Trump could beat HIllary.

I'll say here for the record that I think Pence will beat Biden in a straight-up election, never mind the rigged elections we're getting in many states.

I will stand by my prediction in the prediction thread, even in this case.

Edit: And hell, I’m willing to put a bet on it. Void if Trump is alive, but I’m willing to make separate bets about his electoral chances.

Malor wrote:
Jonman wrote:

And even if Pence could just be swapped in (which could happen, but will pay for many a lawyer's new yacht if it does), I don't think he can rally Trump's base. The GOP *is* Trump now, and Pence is no Trump.

Trump's main base is evangelicals. Pence is a Christian Dominionist, and a deeply, deeply scary man.

I do not believe you've thought that stance through.

I'd say Trump's main base is white people angry about losing power, and the Evangelicals he appeals to are the ones who see politics as a battlefield for control of the country. Pence may tick more of their boxes, but there's no one better than Trump at attacking the loss of unearned privilege as unfair (very unfair!) persecution.

the emphasis in "Christian Dominionism" in politics is on the Dominionism part, not the Christian part (where the Christian part really means 'white')

Evangelicals are not evenly spread around the country, either. MI/WI/PA are the 25th/33rd/39th ranked states in Evangelical population.

If anything, Pence's advantage may be that he grew up in an Irish-Catholic JFK loving household and he might still be able to talk the language of Catholics in those states, but still--Trump's ability to act as the 'anger translator' for white people is the real key to unlocking the Republican base.

Imagine a Twitter screenshot.
Irony: republicans failed to wear protection and now they will be forced to carry the consequences to term.


Truly, a astute assertion.


(taken by a friend in rural Colorado Springs)

Aww- I thought they were going for a deep cut by putting Obama in a tan suit but the signs are just offset because of the angle and that’s supposed to be Hillary.




Zona wrote:


To be fair to Trump (gag), his comment about how the virus affects virtually nobody was, in context, about children. That isn't true, either, but it's less absurd than it appears here.

After a period of deep self reflection and introspection I have searched my feelings and my soul, and found that I do not care about being fair to Donald Trump.

Spoiler: Language



Zona wrote:

After a period of deep self reflection and introspection I have searched my feelings and my soul, and found that I do not care about being fair to Donald Trump.

The trolley problem it ain't.



I would take a thousand Navis circling me 24/7 over one winged Cheeto and I would do it gladly.

Anyone seen Death of Stalin?

DC Malleus wrote:

Anyone seen Death of Stalin?

I've been thinking about this movie a lot lately.




DSGamer wrote:
DC Malleus wrote:

Anyone seen Death of Stalin?

I've been thinking about this movie a lot lately.

For a minute there I thought you guys were talking about Goodbye Lenin! I have been meaning to see it ever since it came out, but it didn't seem to fit current times well unless it was very different than I thought. Now I have another one to add to my list of movies to watch.







When you're "feeling better than you have in 20 years"




Malor wrote:


No golf.



"got mine, f*ck you"

The article was from June 2019, but the sentiment does remain.