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Nevin73 wrote:

My friend suggested that he posted the video to prove that he wasn't gay. I guess it is better to be fired than gay?

I would have thought the fact he gave a 21-year-old Miami pool boy he and his wife just started to galavant around with a few years back $1.8 million to open a hostel would have been enough suggestion that he was either gay or into some kinky sh*t that the president of the largest and most prestigious evangelical Christian university probably shouldn't be into.

I mean when you have to get Michael Cohen--yes, that Michael Cohen--involved to make compromising pictures of your wife disappear you should probably get out of the morality game altogether.

fenomas wrote:

Need a term for that uncomfortable situation where someone you intensely dislike is being attacked for doing something that, in general, you don't think people should be attacked for.

It’s not the action he is being attacked for, it’s his hypocrisy.


What are we supposed to do with that? Michael Tracy is awful and a fascist and Tulsi is a Tucker Carlson regular.

As far as I know these two are doing a bit.

Maybe just ignore them both?

I guess it was just a reminder from those of us that wanted them ignored a year ago, but were told that we were being unreasonable, that they have fully embraced their inner sh*tbird.

I'm trying to think of a way they could be less respectful towards queer people, but outside of straight up epithets that Twitter would probably ban, I'm coming up blank.

I hate that "non-binary" has become a dog whistle.

Jayhawker wrote:


It’s their only joke again.



We should have a meeting to discuss this.

What is a slipperly slope but backwards, Alex



I feel like the list is quite a bit longer than that...
-safeguarding kids from catching COVID at school
-protecting voters in a presidential election year during a pandemic
-rebuilding Puerto Rico after an island flattening hurricane
-ensuring equal application of the law for PoC & LGBTQ
-strengthening women's voices and rights to their bodies
-protecting his supporters at his rally
-saving the planet and endangered/protected species
-maintaining the rule of law
and hundreds more...



Fixed the image


For context- Cardi B released a new song this weekend and Shapiro did a reaction video to it where he missed the point of the song entirely, awkwardly fumbled through the lyrics, and accidentally revealed that he doesn’t seem to understand how sex works.


It was really funny yesterday on Twitter. The responses to the video of him reading the lyrics is something else.







Its a town of f*cking clones!

polypusher wrote:

Its a town of f*cking clones!


Honestly that's not much different than my high school class, but I grew up in a rural fishing village in one of the least diverse states in the country. I don't know what a high school in Georgia's excuse is.







farley3k wrote:



Those that say he is holding the country back from falling into socialist mayhem. Heard that from my friend the other day.

Trump told them voting by mail is bad and so that's their excuse.

But not the way Trump is voting by mail. That's good.

They're completely different! But they can't tell us what makes them completely different.