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DSGamer wrote:


There is one catch and we find ourselves in it. If my wife defaults on her student loans, that we are still f*cking paying, she will lose her law license. That changes a lot of the calculus for anyone that depends on a license to earn a living.

Yep. I am really hopeful we will see some relief from the predatory loans we had foisted on our ignorant younger selves(seriously, it is criminal that they gave hundreds of thousands to 18 and 21 year olds), but at this point - we don't have the option of just entirely stopping paying.

workers didn't get legal protections for their strikes by waiting for laws to protect their strikes. They got the legal protections they have (or, had) by taking action and not just losing their livelihoods, but in some cases their liberty and even their lives.

we laud the people who fought for the rights we now enjoy, but we forget the sacrifice and suffering that went into winning those rights.

and hey, I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else. I started down the path of choosing justice over success, but death and disease rendered that choice moot and any courage I show is probably more the desperation of having nothing left to lose. No kids to worry about when it comes to the choices I make.

then again, the rights we enjoy today took more than just unions of ramblers who've got nothing to own. It took fist swinging mothers and other ordinary people who took extraordinary chances.

we were sold this idea that we can still make the world a better place while having a 'normal' lifestyle. Me included. Maybe it's just my lack of almost nothing left to lose, but more and more, I think the idea that we could 'have it all' was a bright shining lie.

we were sold this idea that we can still make the world a better place while having a 'normal' lifestyle. Me included. Maybe it's just my lack of almost nothing left to lose, but more and more, I think the idea that we could 'have it all' was a bright shining lie.

The example furthest back I can think of where that changes is the first Iraq war. Perhaps it is just because it was the first war of my adult life, but it was the first time where people were glued to the set watching the war updates, but life went on normally otherwise. No draft, no rationing, no working for the war effort (scrapping, factories, buying war bonds...)

That’s just it, cheeze. Mass action takes bravery, desperation, or creating a lifestyle (saving, spending less, whatever) where you can afford to protest.

American oligarchs have created the perfect system where we’re convinced we “can’t” take mass action. It will probably only happen in America due to mass desperation, unfortunately.

That said, we can still try.




When you're right and unintentionally ironic in the same sentence








I would love to make some small edits:
Spend a lot of time on the internet (preaching hate)
Spend more time putting people on their knees than on the internet


OG_slinger wrote:


My favorite part of history is when the Spartans defeated those evil slave owning Persians completely by themselves.

I get really upset and frustrated when I hear all this leftist talk about some Greeks were "gay" or had slaves.

What a snowflake

Conservative huckster and milkshake recipient Andy Ngo reached out to Some More News’ Cody Johnston while “researching” an “article.”





I've been enjoying this thread for quite some time now, but I still have no idea what D&D stands for.
The thread scope notes mention "Cleveland/P&C/D&D", but that doesn't explain what they mean either. I assume D&D =/= Dungeons and Dragons... P&C =/= pictures and ... uhh... chats? And Cleveland?
Can someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of these terms?

Buzzrick wrote:

I've been enjoying this thread for quite some time now, but I still have no idea what D&D stands for.
The thread scope notes mention "Cleveland/P&C/D&D", but that doesn't explain what they mean either. I assume D&D =/= Dungeons and Dragons... P&C =/= pictures and ... uhh... chats? And Cleveland?
Can someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of these terms?

Discussion & Debate is the name of the forum category that took over from, I think, Politics and Controversy.

D&D is discussion and debates, a place to discuss things that are ripe for emotional reactions.

P&C was the old political forum, politics and controversy. When too many threads went to Cleveland, a euphemism for becoming toxic and emotional, Certis & Co sought out a way to make it less antagonistic. So they came up with a new title, mandated scopes of discussion, and added a couple of moderators.

Dirigibles & Dialectics. One of these days we’ll probably get locked for not enough blimp-posting.




After some searching, I finally managed to find the the thread here, but here's the story anyway:

Back in 2007, Morro posted a thread in "Everything Else" (not in P&C) about a new source of stem cells that had been discovered. The theory was that these new cells would help get rid of at least some of the political nature of stem cell research. The very second paragraph of the post began with a plea to keep the discussion non-political and uncontroversial in nature.

Elysium's response became legend:

Elysium wrote:
Morro wrote:

I hope this can stay non-P&C.

It's like getting on the train to Cleveland and saying, "I hope this train doesn't go to Cleveland!"

farley3k wrote:


I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that the program, the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, was more successful than the meme lets on. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ran the program, which was funded by a $28 million grant from the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, between 2009 and 2015. It provided long-acting reversible contraceptives to 36,000 low income Coloradan women via Title X family planning clinics.

The results were impressive:

  • Teen abortion rate was nearly cut in half.
  • Births to women without a high school education fell 38 percent.
  • Second and higher order births to teens were cut by 57 percent.
  • Birth rate among young women ages 20-24 was cut by 20 percent.
  • Average age of first birth increased by 1.2 years among all women.
  • Rapid repeat births declined by 12 percent among all women.
  • Costs avoided: $66.1-$69.6 million.

Faced with hard evidence that birth control not only reduced abortions, but also saved the state tens of millions of dollars by reducing Medicaid, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Colorado Food Assistance Program/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and WIC costs, the Colorado state legislature voted down a bill to publicly fund the effort in 2015.

After a year of heavy lobbying, the state legislature finally agreed to allocate $2.5 million to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to continue the program, albeit in a reduced manner.

The program also hoped to be granted a waiver under the Affordable Care Act to use Medicaid funding to continue its efforts. Colorado withdrew the waiver application in 2011 and the program then switched to training Title X clinics about Medicaid and insurance enrollment and funding infrastructure improvements, like installing computerized billing systems and implementing specialized billing codes, so they could still be reimbursed for the birth control.

The bad news is that when Trump became president he implemented a gag rule for Title X clinics. The rule prohibits Planned Parenthood or any other provider that performs abortion--or offers abortion referrals--from receiving funding under Title X. Not only that, but Title X clinics have to physically and financially separate any medical and counseling services they provide from any abortion services they provide, requiring clinics to set up separate business entities and secure separate facilities if they want to continue to provide abortions.

The gag rule is currently being challenged in federal court and clinics have won a temporary injunction that prevents the rule from going into effect until the court battle is over. Unfortunately, legal experts say that the gag rule will very likely be upheld because it's similar to one the Reagan administration implemented that SCOTUS upheld.

Some Colorado clinics aren't waiting for the courts and have voluntarily cut themselves off from Title X funding rather than operating under the gag rule. That's a hard decision to make because that federal funding makes up a considerable portion of their operating budgets.

So while the meme is technically true, the program that made those impressive results possible is effectively dead and new federal rules will make it even harder for low income women to get birth control let alone get an abortion.

So congrats anti-abortion activists. You killed a program that significantly reduced the number abortions women got and saved taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Instead of using Colorado as the basis for a nationwide program, you've decided to implement a policy that is guaranteed to increase the number of unexpected pregnancies, which will also increase the number of abortions and entitlement spending.