Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Catch-All

It doesn't surprise me. There is a wide gap between people that use crafting and not. I have looked at a lot of videos of PoE 1 solo PotD runs. The characters they are playing are unrecognizable with all the scrolls and potions they are using. And not only that, they start/stop the game until they get perfect placement of scroll spells. I am glad people can play and enjoy playing that way, but I would absolutely turn a deaf ear to their game difficulty complaints.

I mean someone figured out there is an NPC in the first town next to the ruins that you can kill without consequence that allows you to loot plate armor at level 2 in PoE 1.

I never craft in this huge RPGs on the first playthrough because as a player, I have no idea which components are limited, which ones are valuable orwhich ones can be farmed etc.

Like if I make one of these super crazy potions, will I immediately pick up a sweet unique weapon, try to enchant it and realize the component I need I just used in the potion? Because that would drive me nuts.

Didn't really use scrolls, and very few potion buffs, in any of my solo games. But health potions were required. And without the double health system, health potions should be even better. The summon tokens were really useful too, close to being required in early game.
Very much looking forward to a solo run in PoE2 some day (whenever it is better balanced, and maybe after some of the dlc). Was super fun in PoE.

Yeah, I'm terrified of enchanting something in case the next shiny thing that comes along is even better.

Speaking of shiny things. There's a LOT of shiny 1-H weapons, so much so, that I have no idea what I am going to do in terms of equipping my dual-wield MC and others. Once you clear Neketaka and a few islands with 3 red skull difficulty the loot just pours in. It's great!

Also, if you don't mind spoilers, there's an interesting thread on the Oblivion official Pillars forum that discusses OP weapon/build combinations:


One of them is a double blunderbuss build that looks very fun. Also people are getting their deflection up to 200+ which is just ridiculous. I can't even get Eder to 100 deflection.

fangblackbone wrote:

Driving flight seems more of a pierce than a bounce.

That was my initial assumption, however, the wiki's information appears to be in the format of the game as if it was quoted verbatim (line breaks removed per me) "Effects: Self: Ranged Attacks bounce +1 times with Ranged weapons Each ranged attack loosed by the ranger contains such force to fly straight through the first target and hit another target behind it for less damage."

The description appears to be at odds with itself -- like there are two halves. I suspect the spirit was that of a 'penetrating shot', but it seems like someone with dev knowledge authored a description with a toe-in on the mechanics but was grappling with (a perhaps self-imposed) word limit. That, or maybe the mechanics changed during beta to address some exploit and that's why it's messy.

This would all be so much easier if I could ''soul save' at that spot just before chargen!

edit: OOH! looks like the patch addresses the walky-intro. It's pretty short but that would be great all-the-same!

Can someone give me a tip on where to get my second blunderbuss or where to buy one?
The vendor in the first village does not sell them. I created a custom companion that specced blunderbusses and his stock equipment included a hunting bow So no luck stealing his and then removing him from the party.

That being said, blunder + ranger(stalker) + monk(shattered) = pretty awesome so far and full of possibilities.
One neat thing is two weapon style will speed up your blunder if you have a melee weapon in the off hand, even at range.

The stalker gives you and bear pet +deflection and armor and I doubt you are going to ever be greater than 4m from each other. The gunner talent for quicker reload is nice to have for sure. Plus there is a long list of ranged attacks and talents from the Ranger.

^ If I'm not pre-holiday sauced, I'll try to pinpoint that tonight. I think my first was random: on the starting island there's a burial map spot, battlefield, and a shipwreck (accessible via land at coast's edge). These all seem to roll random loot (the boat wreck being more weighted to ship stuff than the others) -- heck I got a spyglass once, which iirc, saved me ~ 1,000 gold later.

Not suggesting power word save... but it's your business if you want to save when you first exit town then try these a few times to see if a b'buss drops. Beyond that, the Huana village chieftain's hut has a weapon rack or some such that I think is also random. No idea what the pull-from tables are like there though. May be narrower.

You'll find them in Neketaka for sure. A quest in in Neketaka drops the Kitchen Stove blunderbuss which has a powerful per encounter (or was it rest) use. They are a little rarer than other weapons, as are arquebus. If you slaughter everyone in Fort Deadlight on your first pass through it you'll probably find a blunderbuss as well.

Thanks guys. Getting a little frustrating since I can buy arquebus and have looted a few but never blunderbusses.

There is a gun shop in The Brass Citadel in the main city.

and finished...

Steam says 78 hours, but there were many times I had it idling for hours - my guess is that it was closer to 50.

I only made it to level 15 playing on veteran difficulty. Other than the starting missions I pretty much just stuck to the Huana. For the most part most battles were pretty easy. Since I didn't level as much as i could have, there were times the missions were 3 skulls. Sometimes they did have a difficult battle. The final one was a doozy that I lost the first time and when I fought it the second time I was very aggressive and won.

My party was Eder, Xoti, Tekehu, and Aloth. I thought they were all well done and enjoyed the conversations along the way.

In my final conversation at the end


I asked Eothas to consider taking pity on the souls stuck in the holding area, and he created a haven for them.

The biggest weakest of the game for me was the inconsistent challenge level. It really made it so I didn't need to consider my actions in battle for much of the game. Also, I'd prefer a turn based system like in Divinity Original Sin - but I think the rest of PoE 2 is better. If I were to play again I wonder if I'd prefer just playing with 2 characters but multiclassing them.

The art was great in the game and I enjoyed going to new areas. I also love the conversation options based on skills and the personalty of my character.

I didn't like the ship combat at all and avoid it where I could. I paid as little attention as I could to my ship and crew.

I hope I get to meet up with my party again in the DLC that will follow.

Lol. Steam says I've played 27 hours. I have only completed Fort Deadlight once just last night. I have cleared the digsite over a dozen times

fangblackbone wrote:

Can someone give me a tip on where to get my second blunderbuss or where to buy one?

Moral dilemma time! Kill saved-instead-of-crate bald guy (Chitupec sp?)on the starting beach. Hmm, maybe the boars can be aggro'd on him if you want to have it be an accident...



F that guy. Making me lose precious cargo ;P

It’s not afraid to just let you get on with it this game is it? I got time to clear the first island last night (so far so good, I’m enjoying my swashbuckling pirate build!) and it took me an embarrassingly long time to work out how to hire more crew for my ship.....

It's not the most obvious thing so I wouldn't feel bad!

It took me far longer to figure out how to work out how to turn on the AI for companions/pets (it's the button with a head silhouette that has a cog on it that lights up green once toggled). It's great for everyone in my party except for my MC (who is a Spellblade and is microed to get the best out of my grimoire and sneak attacks). Speaking of which, make sure you guys pick Persistent Distraction as a perk for any of your rogues because it lets you apply your sneak attacks really conveniently.

The other thing to consider - if you need money, sea battles are the way to go. So much exceptional quality loot and gold! Once you hit around level 9+ and you have at least 3 companions in your roster the sea battles are a joke. Before then you'll probably find some sea battles a challenge but still doable.

I'm starting to progress the story now so that I save some side quests and content for the next few playthroughs. However, I'm struggling not to to restart so that I can use my Berath points...free
MC stat points, anyone?? Fang/RV, you should breeze through and get 15 Berath points so you can go back and redesign your builds with the extra stats.

Also, I'm loving how I have encountered 2 dragons so far yet I've not slain any of them thanks to how the game lets you resolve dialogue/quests with them.

Also, I'm loving how I have encountered 2 dragons so far yet I've not slain any of them thanks to how the game lets you resolve dialogue/quests with them.


I think you could solve all dragon encounters in poe1 peacefully too.
But why would you?!

The companion dialogue is hilarious later on for dragon no. 2 when an interested party asks what happened with the dragon

Also, this may be an Easter Egg, but:


if you travel South Easterly on the map there's an island formation called the Black Isles.
You can encounter a pirate ship called the Black Isles Bastards and they drop legendary loot. Even gives you 2 Berath points. Worth exploring just to experience it!

Anyone else looking forward to Pathfinder:Kingmaker?

It looks like Chris Avellone split with Obsidian and used the PoE 2 engine to make a Pathfinder game.
I have always heard great things about Pathfinder's systems so I hope the live up to the hype.
I have to say the class names and lore seem interesting of what I have seen so far.

I just found out about it from you, but it looks like something to keep an eye on since I like this style of game. However, while I know where Pathfinder comes from, I still haven’t grasped what makes Pathfinder’s world unique or interesting (I just mean I maybe don’t know enough about it).

steinkrug wrote:

I just found out about it from you, but it looks like something to keep an eye on since I like this style of game. However, while I know where Pathfinder comes from, I still haven’t grasped what makes Pathfinder’s world unique or interesting (I just mean I maybe don’t know enough about it).

I was wondering the exact same thing, and then I watched this....

Seemed fairly samey until they got to the bit around building your own kingdom, amassing subjects, etc. Nice! The concept of your player keep X 10. Also seems like a very complex skill tree, which could be good or bad depending on how creative they get with skills.

Color me interested.

Edit : Holy crap, this is suppose to come out in August?!?

I wonder if that is an old release date.
Was looking at it when it was kickstarted - though I didn't jump in. Certainly interested.

10 hours in or so and I’m in Neketaka. Something about this game isn’t grabbing me at the moment. I’m not sure why - it’s clearly mechanically much improved on PoE1, I’m just not feeling immersed. Usually this sort of game - that I’ve been looking forward to for months and is a sequel to something I really enjoyed - I have to set an alarm for so I’m not up that late. This game though I can play for an hour / hour and a half and that’s me done for that session. I think Neketaka might be a little too big for its own good.

It might be the structure of the world map and as you say, cramming too much content into the main city?

Meanwhile I've hit level 15 and having fun just carving everything up with different weapon set testing. I just scored the legendary Estoc which casts an AOE on kills; a pirate boarded me and just one proc resulted in the explosion of corpses in a large radius. Holy moly this sword is outrageous! People are complaining on the Obsidian forum about how broken Fighters and Monks are (the former due to their cleave stance and the latter due to swift flurry, both of which proc on proc causing absurd number of full attacks in a single round). There's also complaints a pure chanter, wizard or druid can faceroll content as well. I'd need to restart on POTD post patch to see if the balancing helped, because right now? On Veteran I'm breezing through everything with my AI clearing battles so fast I don't need to lift a finger.

Bfgp wrote:

It might be the structure of the world map and as you say, cramming too much content into the main city

There does seem to be a hell of a lot of walking around to do between finding the next part of a quest, which seems to mean you have to wait several hours for buildings to shut and pubs to open or springing ambushes in dark alleyways on dark nights. Which means a lot of loitering around.

I take it you can do Neketaka at your own pace to some extent? I might sail off and find another island first for some bounty quests I’ve been given.

That is pretty much what they want you to do. You are outlvling other areas by staying in Neketaka. Just a bit bad they assume people will leave on their own in a post-Hinterlands world.

Yeah I didn’t care for the way they send you to Nekataka so early without, I thought, a strong enough impetus to leave again before exploring the whole thing. I did eventually say enough is enough but probably spent too much time there initially. I tend to like to explore each location as much as possible before moving on.

The guy that sends you to Fort Deadlight sends you another job notice on the way to Neketaka. From the sounds of it, I should leave Neketaka and head there. My interest sort of petered out in Neke too.

Pathfinder off topic: my research into Pathfinder led me to this reddit:

And now I want to play it so badly

So the answer is: Don’t be afraid to leave Neketaka and do other stuff. I went off to Tikawa and explored the Vallian Trading Company quest given to you by the Govenor in Neketaka. It’s been a much better experience. I’m not quite sure all of the ship based stuff works exactly - ship to ship combat is a bit of a drag - but island exploration is a much better system than the old Baldurs Gate ‘here’s a map - best of Luck not triggering an encounter you can’t handle’ system. I like the encounter difficulty system although the combat is so easy at the moment it doesn’t really seem to make that much difference.

Enjoying it a lot more at the moment. As soon as this quest is done though I’ll be ready to head back to Neketaka for some relative R&R!