[Discussion] Scientists' march on washington

discussion regarding The Scientists' March on Washington, support, planning, etc

Seems some are trying to organize The Scientists march on Washington
google doc

I joined the group yesterday. And am definitely planning on marching when ever that gets scheduled.

Edit: Oh, and I think the facebook group is now private. If anyone is interested in joining it but can't, send me a PM and I'll send you an invite.

I'm definitely interested, depending on the final date.

There will be a sister march in Paris which I plan to attend!!!

Wife and I bought march for science t-shirts! She also got a NDGT shirt that says "Make America Smart Again!"

So excited.

Mean, but funny. And true.



Apparently the march organization isn't going well. [lack of clear focus and messaging, critiques and harassment, splintering of supporting groups]

Yay, us Europeans now have t-shirts available for the March!! I'm totally getting one!

Any news on the organization of the March, JollyBill? We march a lot in France, so things are on track on our end, from what I can gather on the Facebook page. Hope you have good news.

No news one way or the other, although I'm not subscribed to anything. Not sure if that's a failure of publicity or any number of other things.

This was the same problem for the "Day without Women" recently. The Iceland Women's Day Off strike in 1975 with 90% participation? Took years to organize. I think the March 8th strike was organized in 2 months and somehow managed to encourage both women striking as well as supporting/shopping at small businesses owned by women. The March for Science has even less cohesive goals and a similar amount of disorganization.

I'm all for marching and making these points heard but I think the rush to oppose Trump as fast as he's enacting his agenda is causing many groups to overreach. The conservative coalition and media empire that Trump is using wasn't built in 2 months and there doesn't really exist a counter to that without massive amounts of organization and planning in opposition.

The March for Science in Paris is in progress!! Tweeting a bunch of pics. Tons of people, signs: "in this idiocracy, I'll take my chances with Skynet", "science not silence," "science doesn't care what you believe in"...

Edit: missed opportunity. I ended up talking my eldest son with me (was a last minute thing, I hadn't planned to take him at first, but the whole was super kid friendly). For those who don't know, my boys are on the autism spectrum. I should've made a sign for him "stop asking if I'm vaccinated - because of course I am" or "I am autistic. I am vaccinated. Correlation is NOT causation."
Yeah, this is one of my pet peeves!

We went to the march in Iowa city yesterday. Nice turnout, nice crowd. I hope people will stay motivated.

Best sign I saw


My wife and I attended in Philadelphia. I'm not sure how to accurately estimate how many people there were, but it was a lot (despite forecasts of and then actual rain) CBS just says "thousands" and I don't see other numbers. I would be surprised if it was in the realm of near or above ten thousand, it definitely seemed like low-mid thousands, but like I said, can't be sure.

I was very happy with how non-partisan it was: of the hundreds and hundreds of signs I saw I estimate that around 20% of them mentioned Trump (obviously) unfavorably, I only saw a single anti-GOP sign out of all of them, and no overt pro-Democrat (/Green Party) mentions. I was actually expecting more people to succumb to the temptation of partisan bashing, so I was surprised in addition to pleased.

We're finishing up our signs and heading to the People's Climate March in DC shortly! Better late than never!


Late to the party but here is me and the wife at the SF science march: