Fire Emblem Catch All

But is there pedophilia teacher's romancing high school students like in the last game?

Er, wasn't there a 5 year time jump so everyone was over 18?

Still pretty weird but it wasn't Persona-weird romancing maids and teachers when you're still a male high school student.

There was a time jump, yes.

It’s definitely weird that you start building the foundation of relationships as the teacher, though.

Engage skills. Mechanics spoilers. And character name reveals. Even the preview image spoils who the 6 engage rings are, if you haven't seen yet.


Looks like they went with one male MC from a previous game and one female, when you had options. I wonder if you get a choice again or if they just did default one of each.

Seems interesting. Maybe a day 1 for me.

I have to admit that I don’t quite get this mechanic. Are these just buffs and debuffs from previous games and now they’re just in human form?