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Wow, that is a GoTY-contender glowing review. I almost suspect a trick, but here's hoping it's real.

Buuuuunch of previews went up on Three Houses. Seems pretty clear Engadget's article went up a day early by accident.

We've Played Fire Emblem: Three Houses for 20+ Hours! - Hands-On Preview
* Interesting impressions.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses confirmed to have same-sex romance options

Nintendo of America has confirmed that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will include same-sex relationships are possible for select characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. At this time, the company is keeping quiet on specifics so that the game isn’t spoiled for players.

Also from USGamer, and their impressions of the early to mid-game. It sounds like Three Houses is now definitely a continuation of the post-Awakening games where it leans into the RPG part while somewhat deemphasizing the tactics (Conquest excluded). As someone who preferred the tactics of the GBA and Gamecube era.......Disappointed is too strong of a word, but I would prefer if they had gone the other way. I prefer positioning and team composition to grinding. But this has been the trend now, and it's what helped revitalize the franchise, so I really can't be surprised.

That said, I'll still probably get it eventually, just on sale. I've played almost all of the FE games that have come stateside, and I imagine I'll get this at some point. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread and on reviews to see what everyone's impressions are, and who knows, I might be surprised.

Also, apparently the three routes are actually fairly distinct, and some are more varied and challenging than others, so that seems like a good thing. Kind of like Fates having 3 routes where you get to pick the experience you want to have, but in a single package this time.

Not to be pedantic, but it's been fairly clear that old style FE is long dead. It didn't sell enough with Awakening revitalizing the series.

But the basic structure of Three Houses made it clear that something akin to Fates was coming in. To me it sounds like they've pared things back to a better balance, as Kat said. That may not be good enough for you, and it maybe isn't what I want either, but I'm going to reserve judgment until folks get past the midpoint. I'm beginning to believe that while a large portion of the game may be throwaway maps due to training students, I still think they great maps are coming for the latter half of the game and the open-ended customization of the characters means there's possibly near infinite replayability.

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