Yakuza Games Catch All


Guys, I've been playing Like a Dragon for a couple weeks, and am SO INTO IT. I've never played a Yakuza game before, but this one is amazing. Totally in love with the world, with exploring Ijincho, building bonds with my party members, and all the crazy side quests. Easily a GOTY contender for me.

For everyone's reference, I'm near the end of Chapter 5, and fully aware that I will be about to go into a long dungeon, so I'm on a bit of a sidequest binge.

Wonderful!! It's my first Yakuza game as well and I too love it. LOVE IT. Itchi is now one of my top video game characters ever.

I had taken stabs at other Yakuza games before but never got more than a couple hours in until Like a Dragon. Now I’m halfway through the main series.

My wife's reaction, after I sang karaoke and ran my business for a little bit: "I think every part of this game is better than I expect it to be."

So true. Each of the minigames are on point, and fit very well into the overall story and vibe. It's rare to see a game combine mechanics, a heavy story, and silliness in a way that works so well, and is so true to life.

Into the dungeon tomorrow!


Ichi's a Breaker, Adachi a Bodyguard, Nanba a Musician, and Saeko is an Idol. Somehow I lucked into having just the right materials to craft Saeko a giant ice cream bar in lieu of a microphone, which does cold damage on hit.

Saeko's great, too. Totally going to date her if the game allows it.

Each minigame in yakuza is usually better than some whole games.

Saeko has one of my favorite lines in the game. When you try to run away from a fight, she says "Great work guys!" and it kills me every damned time.

Dungeons in "Like a Dragon" are perfect for putting on a podcast and grinding through. I love it!

I honestly hate the dungeon (at least the first one) because it's so monotonous. Those vagabonds tho.