NFL 2016: Playoffs: Divisional

*Legion* wrote:

So are we going to get a competitive game at all in these playoffs?

At least the quarterbacking with SEA-ATL was good. Watching Houston was painful as the defense had Brady off sorts, but Oz is so bad they couldn't do anything on it. I'll take good QB play in a blowout over another HOU-NE.

That Cowboys OL is amazing. Elliott isn't getting touched sometimes until he's to an LB or CB.

Annnnd, INT! Welcome to the playoffs rook!


No more screens this game, okay? They're not working for either team.

jowner wrote:

This comeback is going to hurt.

Yes, yes it is.

Please don't allow it to happen, Football Gods.


Well it got competitive. Tie game.

I'm chewing my fingernails off here. It's been an excellent game to watch, but GB had not been able to overcome the loss of Morgan Burnett.

That Dak Prescott can play. Who knew?

Running Man wrote:

That Dak Prescott can play. Who knew?

Chip Kelly did, apparently. Shooting that down is probably, in retrospect, the decision that cost Baalke his job.

Wow, this game is awesome.

I didn't expect Crosby to nail that. Glad he did.

What a good finish we have going on.


garion333 wrote:

Wow, this game is awesome.

So true

Dak has delivered balls cleanly all day.

Playing behind that O-line helps, sure, but it's an oversimplification to pin it all on that. His throws come out on time, and his accuracy is a leap above what his college tape looked like.

Holy Jesus crap Jared Cook just earned every penny of the new contract he's gonna get with that footwork.

Hell of a catch.

FG1 is good. But timeout.

Come on man, use that practice kick to send Dallas home.



Crosby nails it a second time. Packers win.

Guru can sigh in relief.

Yay. Suck it, Jerry.

Stele wrote:

FG1 is good. But timeout.

Come on man, use that practice kick to send Dallas home.

Not a long walk, but glad they're having to make it.

Way to go Pack!


Props to Dallas, they looked like the team of destiny for a while there. But Green Bay can move the ball so quickly. Next week's championship will be interesting.

Jared Cook with the best TE reception I think I've ever seen. That was a WR-type catch.

Props to Crosby.

No dreaded Doucher Bowl Pats/'Boys matchup this year. So we got that going for us.

Now KC or Pittsburgh just needs to beat NE next week and we'll be free and clear.

...I have the odd urge to watch Giant Spider Invasion all of a sudden.

What a game. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy's faith in Mason Crosby pays off.
The investment is Jared Cook pays off.
Aaron Rodgers continues his streak.
What a game.

Best Crosby in sports!

The Jared Cook catch was one of the singly best catches I've ever seen, and four (if you count the one that didn't count) 50+ yard FGs in the last minute and a half.

That game alone may have saved the playoffs.

jowner wrote:

Best Crosby in sports!

Underrated troll right there.

That game was incredible.

Glad GB won.

Now I just wanna see Pats go all the way.

Eric Berry. What?

All I'm saying is the Bucs are going to have like $75 million in cap space and if Eric Berry would like a big chunk of that I'd be totally OK with it.