Curse my human thumbs! Consoles and FPSs

What did you do to "git gud" as a sniper or soldier class on your favorite console games? I'm playing my qualifier matches on Overwatch (PS4) and find myself to be ... lacking in proficiency. There are some counter strategies that rely on swapping to a sniper or assault class, taking me out of my shotgun-at-point-blank-range comfort zone. I've been playing FPS games for years but I think I'm missing something since my skill ceiling isn't really going anywhere, despite more hours of practice and play.

Here are a few troubles I think I've already recognized:

- Defaulting to weapon down: Because the gun models will fill up some of the space on screen I end up tipping them down, looking "over" the weapon, meaning my snap shots go toward the legs or body instead of head. This also hurts my field of vision overhead.
- Low sensitivity: I had a habit of over-correcting, so I reduced sensitivity. The upshot though is that now I can't turn fast enough to handle a strafe or back stab. This is just a practice thing I guess?
- Tunnel vision: I lose track of my own HUD, focusing my eyes on the screen center, and nowhere else. Not really sure how to train myself out of a lifetime of ignoring peripheral vision.
- In my 40's now: Yeah. I know.

Any suggestions? Things you did to improve your technique that you'd like to share?

I've got no help. I gave up playing any first person or third person game that requires a lot of aiming if I have to do it with a controller. I definitely have a personal skill ceiling with controller aiming that's way lower than most games are looking for. I beat my head against that ceiling for years, and I've just given up. Solidarity for low-skill aimers!

It's so hard to make small precise movements with a stick on the controller. It affects me in driving games too, although less so than in a shooter. Starting with Dark Souls 1 on the PC, I started using a controller more and more but still have trouble with precise movements.

I've found moderate success in doing the following for XB1 FPSes:

1) Rely more on positioning knowing that I'm less accurate with controllers than K&M (being more proactive than reactive). Knowing the flow of the maps, spawn systems, etc. can decrease reliance on HUDs too.

2) Dial in a sensitivity that works for the game.

3) Be sure to lean on lateral movement (left stick) to dial in a tight shot rather than just relying on look around (right stick). The hard-to-break habit is to look right or left to zero in, yet you're likely already head/chest high and just need a step to the right or left.

4) Button map where it makes more sense to you. More accurate hitting something besides right trigger to take a shot? Map it and give it a shot, even if it seems weird at first. Might pay off.

I've played a lot of CoD, Destiny and most recently new Doom and Titanfall 2. With aim I tend to set the aim sensitivity around the default tweaking up or down to taste. Setting it lower helps with precision and discourages over reaction.

Using the sidestep for minute aim adjusting instead of the right stick is also a good rule of thumb.

Pre aiming around corners and choke points.

Most games allow you to bind jump to left bumper and I highly recommend.

Maclintok wrote:

Using the sidestep for minute aim adjusting instead of the right stick is also a good rule of thumb.


This is key.

I use a controller every chance I get. Luckily I have no illusions of skill whatever input I use.

More regarding binding: this can be not only game but hero/character-specific. Here's a nice post from the Overwatch forums on rebinding for various characters, but the concepts have applications to other shooters on console.

I think rebinding will help. I tried out a few changes last night but couldn't get deep into any of them. Moving alt-fire to the right side makes good sense for non-sniper roles. Getting jump off the X button is the only way to make Lucio's wall-run useful.

I took a few minutes to scan through some videos about training and warm-ups. The one I found most intriguing suggested turning off aim-assist and playing in the training ground for 5-10 minutes. Then turn aim-assist back on and go to your matches and your aim will be so much easier to manage that it will feel like you're a dead-eye.

Update on all this:
I think I've made some improvements in the past few months, even without drilling for a half-hour every day. Practicing without aim-assist has really helped me to focus on the cross-hairs. Seems one of my troubles was letting my eyes lead ahead of the cross-hairs on the screen, meaning I'd start shooting before or after they actually centered on the target. It's funny because I thought that it was tunnel vision limiting my sense of awareness of the map, but it's really been a detachment between my eyes and where my character is pointing the gun.

I also got one of those control freak thumbstick extenders. I've been able to dial up my sensitivity but I still feel like I've got control.

And then there's just good old self-confidence. I used to avoid the Offense class but decided I should try to main with one for a few nights. Now, if I'm playing Soldier 76 and don't end the match with at least two gold in Eliminations, Damage, or Objective Elims, something has gone very wrong.

Am I ready for ranked play? Hell no, but I'm a lot less "gun shy" now.