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And on a related note, I downloaded the demo for Archetype Rabea from Neural DSP. What a crazy amount of fun, I think I need to buy it when I can afford it.

It has a synth engine which is awesome.

Rabea's Archetype is my favorite of the ones I have. It's super fun and you can get some amazing tones from it. They usually have at least 2 sales / year where they cut the price in half.

Yeah, most of the Archetype stuff doesn't really appeal to me because while I do love me some metal* I'm not really an aspiring metal player anymore, and I haven't been for a long time. I'm leaning more shoegazey lately and Rabea plays into that, while also having killer crunch and metal tones.

* I do realise most of the Archetypes are pretty flexible and not just chug/shred software but digging through isn't that appealing. I may try out a few more though now I've started.

I really like Cory Wong archetype as well. There are some great clean tones and some lil dirty tones to be had.

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Does anyone here have experience with learning and playing a harmonica? Boy is thinking of getting one for fun and if it's relatively easy I'm inclined to get one for myself to join him.

Back in mid-90s, I picked up a copy of "Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless" by Jon Gindick. Within a month, it had taught me everything I needed to know to sound fairly decent; although I know mastery of the harmonic likely takes years. You can find used copies of this book online for cheap.

As a word of warning, harmonicas come in different keys so you are likely going to need to buy several harmonicas.

Damn the Blues Traveler guy was onto something!

Hi. I am, again, looking at learning how to drum. I've got a practice pad but keep thinking I might be better off getting a drum set for learning. I don't want to have yet another expensive piece of equipment for hobbies that goes unused, so I'm trying to be budget-minded. Also I'm not made of money anyway.

I've done a little research and the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit seems decent. The snares aren't super small and recessed under a rubber ring that gets in the way, like their Nitro Mesh Kit seems to suffer from. It's still $400 or so post-tax, which is substantial, so before I bother figuring out if I can find the budget I thought I'd see what y'all thought of the kit.

I have now been to a guitar center. I have never seen so many midlife crisis cars in one place before. Also I think the Ibanez aeg50 will suit my needs just fine.

And as for the drums a friend of mine has them and I've used them a fair bit and honestly they are pretty great for the price. The only real issues is you'll want to replace the pedal eventually but I wouldn't let that stop you. If you have specific question I can ask my friend if he has any answers for you.

I used the Alesis Nitro (extremely close to the Turbo, not sure of the difference, it was also $400) to learn, starting about 3 years ago. It was a great way to get a real feel for drums. Drumeo and Clone Hero have been great tools to go with it.

About 2 years ago I felt good enough to upgrade from the Nitro to the Strike Pro which is a much more expensive kit, but it effectively is playing real drums.

Guitarists who computer.* Positive Grid is giving away Bias FX2 standard for free, but as I post there are 21 hours left, get thee there now.

It may not be the best amp sim, but it's a pretty extensive collection good enough for most and you can't argue with the price.

*note, this includes bassists.

Or synth players or vocalists who want to experiment with running their instruments though multiple flavours of messy, distorted and tone-bending amp simulations.

Thanks for the head's up! Can't beat free.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I literally just checked the site the other day to see if they were having any sales, beyond the normal sale anyway.

Alright I have created a list of parts for upgrading my Bass VI if anyone feels like taking a look just to see what I've found:

Side note if you are also upgrading a Bass VI you'll want one of these as well but I bought mine years ago so it's not on the list:

I've also not sat down and figured out what pots and such I'd want to swap in hence Misc Electronics

New Neck (Please Don't Buy This) gave me a laugh.

I don't recall if you said what Bass VI you have? I'm assuming a Squier?

Fender is getting the new Vintera II in quite a few people's hands lately and it looks really sweet. And it already has the correct bridge.

Quite a price jump over the Classic Vibe though. I'd probably get a Squier and use it as a mod platform myself.

Yeah I think I got mine back when they were first re released so it's one of the older squiers. It's a great weird little instrument that I find deeply satsfying to play in ways even my fancy custom guitar isn't. Though that's great in it's own ways for sure. I lucked out with mine as well, as they have some QC issues as you would expect but mine is 80% which is plenty for me someone that largely uses instruments as fidget toys and daydreaming devices, but I'd still suggest swapping out the bridge and vibrato on any of them budget allowing. Mine does have a lot of wood dust poly'd into the cavities from production and there's a crack in the finish somewhere on the back I think but other than that mine is fine. I do wish I could get a nice roasted maple neck but sadly Warmoth necks only fit warmoth bass vi's and everything else is aluminum which is both cool, and tacky and very expensive, hence pleas don't buy this. Also, tempted to rout out the body cavity to got back on the weight but that's slightly more advanced modding than I feel like doing. Anyways here's a pic of the thing naked along with a bit of my toe:


Very cool.

There's a YouTuber I quite like, nisebelle who does some fun mods on guitars including a Bass VI that she did some cool stuff with.

Yeah that video is great! Makes me want to also get that mute she has on hers but that might be more drilling than I want to do just now.

Alright electronics and pickguard ordered. Since it's made to order though won't be here until about thanksgiving at the earliest but that's fine that seems like a good time for a project.

Started the Wall o' Guitar Hooks. These are my wife and two girls' ukuleles. Apparently I am getting a tenor uke for Christmas, and I am going to put one or both guitars up eventually.

Ooooo nice! If I was in a more permanent spot I would love to hang my guitars but my apartment building is renovating in the ways one does before announcing a large rent hike so I'm not expecting to stay here too much longer. I should also look into ukuleles at some point I promised myself I wouldn't have more than 4 guitars total counting basses but I made no such promise in regards to to ukuleles...

I have a uke a friend gave me *counts on fingers* 23 years ago ad I've never put strings on it. And I've moved with it I don't know how many times.

Next time I get a chance I must get a set.

So,it finally happened, I took a live set at a jam session. This is my first time playing in front of anybody. I played “Georgia on My Mind” and Freddie King’s “Hide Away”. Neither were flawless performances, but I was happy that I was able to play through my mistakes.

Congrats! Local folk clubs and jam sessions don't seem to be a thing here any more. It's very sad.

A heads up to those who are into digital amps, Neural DSP is having a black friday sale and all of there stuff excluding the newest Archetype: Mateus Asato is 50% off, the Asato is only 30% off. I downloaded a couple of the plugins to try out but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm debating if I want to do that or spend a little more and jump up from the standard edition of Bias FX 2 to the Elite edition and get more stuff to play with.

I don't like the pedals in Bias FX2. I like the amp models but use different plugins for the pedals and post-fx. I've had fun with it considering I didn't pay for it, but I wouldn't spend money on it tbh. Even at $95 for the Elite upgrade.

I'm even using it less for the amp models and switching to Neural Amp Modeller and Pulse IR Loader.

If I was dropping some money now I'd lean more towards a Neural DSP Archetype or even a specific model or two from ML Sound Lab

Amplitube 5 is currently 80 Euro too and imo sounds way better than Bias FX2. Guitar Rig 7 is $150 so not a great price because it's so new, but it also sounds really good.

I tried Amplitube and didn't like it as much but perhaps I should try to make similar setups in each of them and see what sounds better. I like the sound and interface better in the Neural plugins, just seems like a lot of money for a few amps and pedals. I mean, I guess it's chump change to what the comparable physical hardware would cost I guess.

I spent a good chunk of the long weekend last week working on the Bass VI upgrades, finally got the whole thing shielded and pots swapped. Tested every thing and it worked, put everything back on annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd nothing. No sound. Spent two days trying to find it with no luck and finally had to give up when I broke a tab on one of the pots and had to order a new one (and an extra just in case) and will be going back at it this weekend I guess.

I spent most of this weekend playing Hallelujah, Stand By Me, and Sara Perche Ti Amo with my wife on my new Tenor Uke.

It is done!

What did I do differently to get it to work? No idea! I'm just going to assume the pot I broke a tab off of was busted to start and move on with my life.

Now to try and remember which one is the tone nob and which is the volume...

Lovely. The white pearl on burst is such a good look.