Conan Exiles - Crush Your Enemies, See them driven before you!

GreenManGaming has keys for Isle of Siptah at 18% off. Comes out to $16.39.

Thanks for the heads up!

be forewarned... i had to uninstall/reinstall before it would work. The normal patching process was corrupted and couldn't be cleansed by doing the verify option.

Did you find this out after downloading the 61gb patch?

whispa wrote:

Did you find this out after downloading the 61gb patch?


It also took me hours later to get the server up and going. Their communication was lacking to say the least.

While they got that sorted i jumped in on a public server and played around till level 18 and explored the outer edges of the map. I like what i see so far and look forward exploring the new places.

I also have 0 idea wtf is going on. There's random cannon fire going on and there's purge storms occurring at random spots/intervals... New adventure!

I hopped onto the GWJ server and made a little hut not too far from the starting area. So far I haven't ventured particularly far, as I'm still re-learning the game mechanics. Still, I don't think I've done too bad... I have a pretty good source of food/water, I'm relatively safe, and I've gotten my crafting up to making light armor (though I haven't gotten leather yet). I'll keep messing around with it.

One thing that's been irritating me though is just loading the game up. The starting splash screens for Unreal Engine and Nvidia lock the game up for me about 75% of the time. I get in eventually, but it takes a few tries.

So in the middle of the island there's a surge maelstrom that happens (maybe on a schedule?). It 'disables' any t1 building elements. There's also creatures that come and attack your buildings and you. I'm going to have to build t1 camp just outside of the range just to level up enough to see if t2 buildings can survive and get better tools.

PurEvil wrote:

One thing that's been irritating me though is just loading the game up. The starting splash screens for Unreal Engine and Nvidia lock the game up for me about 75% of the time. I get in eventually, but it takes a few tries.

Performance is definitely a problem with this build. The server has massive memory spikes compared to the base game who almost never moved. I've had some stuttering issues occasionally.

so besides the poor app performance, how's the game in general? more of the same or is there something more to it? just seemed like a new location with a new type of storm and a rhino from the video.

To preface this, I haven't really played in quite some time so my opinion is biased on the fact that I'm also re-learning how to play, and don't remember how to optimally do anything anymore. The last time I played CE, they had just added pets and I hadn't gotten into that system at all, so... it's been a while. I started in the NE spawn area.

You drop in from the ship wreck to find a lot of branches and wood all over the place. There are bodies strewn all over the place, but if you search them you only get very basic materials (not sure why the guy with full medium armor there only has 37 rocks on him, but whatever). There are bucks that are non-aggressive but hard as sh*t to kill because they have a decent amount of HP, and they run fast. I was able to take a few down to get leather by using power moves with a 2H stone sword. Doing this, along with skinning my own corpses (not sure if this was intended, but your human corpse is almost the best source of leather you'll get as long as you give it a few minutes on the ground after you loot everything), got me into light armor at least. The birds and the dogs in the starting area are a total pain in the ass. Sword and shield are the only way I've found to fight them without them ripping me to shreds. Well, outside of standing on my house and just shooting them.

It took me a little while to find aloe for healing, even though it wasn't actually far from me. I hadn't ventured up the river yet. Not far up the river is some big creepy monster that I'm assuming would one-shot me, so I'm steering clear.

I made myself a little house, you guys will likely stumble onto it if you hop in. I will say I like the new T1 building pieces a lot better than the sandstone. They have a bit more character to them. I haven't really found much iron yet, and have no clue where to look for it (I've gotten a little, it seems they mixed in a couple iron nodes in the starting area but they're sparse). This has stalled me upgrading my gear, so at some point I need to put my big boy pants on and venture out to locate a better spot for a settlement

The lack of humans is weird, in a boring kind of way. The maelstrom events actually last a pretty long time which I've read spawns camps of humans, so I'm sure once I find areas where they randomly spawn this will be better. But so far this is a large part of the game that's lacking for me right now.

Technically it's still in EA, so I'm assuming some things will change (hopefully the healing mechanics and adding in some permanent thrall camps). It's a really interesting map, and some interesting ideas along with it.

So I had been pretty stuck in stone weapons and light armor earlier, and found that A) iron was actually really close by, I just needed to explore a bit and B) not only are dogs decent for leather, the bucks become a lot easier to kill with an iron sword.

So I added onto the house a bit, and I'm around level 24 with full medium armor and iron tools/weapons. And I'm still only about 200' from where I initially started. The island is basically a big circle with the difficulty increasing as you go in and small enough that even your early base could likely be useful later on. I mean, I get where they were going with this, but it's targeted much more towards PvP than PvE (limited resources, so players will fight over them instead of waiting for respawns). I still haven't bothered with thralls at all, though I may soon. One of the random spawns isn't far from my base. I'm a bit more prepared to start exploring, so I'll probably venture a bit further the next time I log on and hopefully I don't die. I have enough materials to make another set of medium armor, I'd just rather not need to if I don't have to.

Overall I feel the new map is pretty and a nice change from the desert, but the original map had a much better flow to it's progression.

Hotfix released today:

Greetings Exiles!

We’re releasing hotfix 2.0.2 to address remaining issues as well as fine-tuning some of the new features and balance changes introduced with the Isle of Siptah update.

Among these fixes, we’ve included a balance pass to the healing system, buffing the healing provided by food and fixing an issue with emotes interrupting animations. We’ve also streamlined the rhino mount system, making it easier and more logical to understand. Among the rest of BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMissues stands out a fix BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMto a slightly irritatingBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM issue with Wild Surges BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMaudio being a bit too loud and constant.

So the healing system should be better at least. The joke in the last line about audio being too loud is in reference to the surge events. During one, tentacles come out from the portal and shoot lightning into the center of the map, but even at my house on the edge of the map it sounded like canons going off inside my ears.

those were the cannon sounds i was talking about... super loud

PurEvil wrote:

Overall I feel the new map is pretty and a nice change from the desert, but the original map had a much better flow to it's progression.

I feel it's the same, but it's a different shape.

Old map was a tiered rectangle. Farther north you got the harder the content.

New map is a tiered circle. Closer to the middle the harder the content.

Question about all the DLC building pieces, are they all tier 3 only?

The UI really needs a better filter, these cosmetic DLCs look cool but they make crafting windows very cluttered.

Nope, the tier 1 set is pretty easy to build. It's called Flotsam, essentially takes the look of shelter built from materials scavenged from the shipwrecks. And I completely agree on the cosmetic stuff, really wish there was a way to hide anything locked behind a DLC.

They need to redo the UI so the DLC pieces are separate.

When they made all but the Conan movie DLC free it added a ton.

I've started an aggressive hiring and training program, and have found many unwilling applicants for my new operation. They're so eager they're practically falling from the sky and fighting to work for me!

So far the wild surges aren't too bad. It appears they changed the way thralls spawn in, so that there are three waves (1 thrall, then 2, then 3), and each wave spawns when the previous is either dead or unconscious. So you can kite thralls away before you knock them out, and drag them back before you start engaging the next wave. Most of the ones I've captured are only tier 1, but it's helped me outfit my base quite a bit in a short period of time.

I also went ahead and created the GWJ Exiles clan. I spawned on the east coast at what they consider the northern spawn, here's the map I've been working on so far and where my base is:



OK tried this on Gamepass and now totally hooked, no idea this game was so addicting! Decided to buy it with the expansion and all DLC on Steam (now I see how free games on GP can increase sales....) since my XSX is in the bedroom and wife is not cool with the marathon gaming sessions this is inducing.

So just thought I'd check..... anyone playing this anymore? And is there still a GWJ server?

There is, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only one that's played on it (and even for me, it's been a while). It's running the Isle of Siptah map. I have a small base near the NE spawn if you hop in. No defenses or anything because I don't play often enough to really keep thralls up.

Ah good to know. I guess I'll stick with my current server then, one of the public PVE Isle of Siptah maps. Still room to build and people are surprisingly nice and helpful.

Is the isle good? I don’t have the expansion and have been playing through the original again.

It was pretty rough at first, because you could only get thralls through portal storms. And those thralls were all level 1, unless you were insanely lucky. If you wanted higher tier thralls you had to go through the dungeons to get materials to complete a summoning ritual and then fight your way through a mini-purge type event to get higher tiers. The last few major patches have put some static camps in place with higher tier thralls so that you don't have to go through all that anymore (at least from my understanding). I logged on between the last two patches and got a couple higher tier thralls but I haven't logged on in a bit, so they've been on the wheel for like a month now.

I will say that resources are laid out in a way that allows you to have a pretty stable base right near the start, instead of the desert where you build a new base every time you get into a higher tier area. Where I'm at I have access to water, meat, tons of different plants, wood, stone, light leather, iron, coal, ice, black ice, brimstone, silver/gold, and I'm a moderately short run from medium leather. And this is maybe a couple hundred yards from where my character started.

I started a character on private new servers on both the original map and the island. Resources are a lot easier to get at near the starting area, at least iron.

I did get to experience the fun of a Purge, set up a camp in the jungle and got absolutely wiped as in razed to the ground. Now I understand why you need to get some Thralls….

I am playing this on Xbox now...and overall I'm enjoying it, despite the many, many non-intuitive mechanics of where the frick do you find/process/unlock the thingie. Youtube is happy to be my tutorial, so all is well.

I have not dared venture on servers. Playing solo now, and soon co-op with my son as we both have free time this week.

Follow-up. My son and I have started playing co-op. It is awesome. So sorry I missed this back when everyone was playing, but I'm not sure if I knew about it if I would have played. Reminding me a teensy bit of Valheim is what got me downloading 103GB of this.

until Valheim i considered CoE to be the superior survival/crafting game. I still think their building systems is the best out there.

I'm hesitating to buy Valhiem only because I'm kinda done with the whole viking theme. Conan might not get the rave reviews for gameplay but I do like that building styles can vary from Middle Eastern, Asian, Roman and African. I love the pre islamic Persian Turanian style.

I'm really late to the party here, but I've always been curious about "that Conan MMO", and it is on XBox Gamepass for PC, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I can't believe that I've never picked this up and played it before. I was expecting an MMO (like WoW or something), but this is much more like ARK, and a hell of a lot of fun. I'm only about level 18 or something and only just got my first thrall.

The whole slavery thing still makes me a little squeamish (am I the bad guy now?), but as a gameplay mechanic it's kinda interesting. I just wish there was a way to get thralls through non violent ways. (Wait, that sounds more like a cult simulator... I'm not sure that's much better).

Loving the game. I'm considering getting copies for my teenage sons so that we can play together, but I'm not 100% how appropriate it is for a 15 year old.

This isn't the Conan MMO, though, but the Conan survival game

I've played it 600 hours, solo or with my GF so far, and its really, really fun!

As for Thralls, I tell myself I hire these guys, and the hard physical labour takes them out of the enslavement brought upon them by the sorceries of the land!

oh, and this is the Conan MMO, which I enjoyed a lot as well back in the day. It hasn't aged well, though.

Oh right. I didn't realise that there were actually two different games.
Thanks for the heads up on the MMO. Exiles is definitely more my jam, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
There is occasionally up to 3-4 other people on my server at different points in time as best I can see. I've never actually SEEN any of them, but I there is a heap of player created structures all over the place, which is actually pretty cool, seeing other peoples creations. It would be nice to be able to have a stroll through the inside of some of them, but unfortunately we can't open any doors. Oh well.