GWJ Conference Call Episode 534

Bloodborne: The Card Game, Mechs vs. Minions, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Fabled Fruits, Live From rabbitcon and More!

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Join Shawn, Julian and a rotating cast live from rabbitcon!

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Battle Special - BoxCat Games - - 18:58

B-3 - BoxCat Games - - 41:17

Mt. Fox Shop - BoxCat Games - - 53:38


For Christmas my wife and I got a copy of Potion Explosion, which is a fun little match-three board game using marbles as potion ingredients. Phenomenal production values, and the flavor text is hilarious, but the thing that struck me was how fun the actual game was. I never thought a match-three mechanic could work in a board game, but dang if they didn't pull it off.

I had a lot of good stuff to look back on in 2016. I got to go to Pax East with my wife and kids, I did my first couple of lets-play videos-- including a fun one with Ccesarano where we played Duke Nukem Forever. I started a podcast with my wife, which we're having a lot of fun making, and I'm learning a ton about audio editing and production (I also learned som music composition when I created the theme song in Garage Band) Heck, I even got invited to be on The Big Show! Twice!

We had some real success at work, potentially scoring a big customer with some technology that nobody's seen before. I got awarded two patents with a third one under review, and more to submit for this year.

On top of all that, there was a new Doom game, a new FPS from the makers of Duke Nukem Forever, new IP from the makers of Duke Nukem 3D, Farming Simulator 2017, American Truck Simulator the Deadpool movie, the rerelease of the a dead pool game on PC, and a new book called The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer that is quite good. And that's just the stuff off the top of my head!

Looking back, 2016 was a very good year for a lot of reasons, a less good year for some other reasons, and completely neutral in others. Kind of like all the other years. The question of whether you had a good year or not is which things you decide to focus on, which is why I like the way Certis framed it. Any year can be a good year if you know what to focus on.

In case anyone else wants to listen to the 2016 Bold Predictions:

Nintendo Core... Rabbit?

I really like these shows from RabbitCon. It feels a bit "behind the scenes," and I like getting the suggestions for new boardgames to check out. I was already keyed to Mechs v. Minions, and the family got it for Christmas. We've played through the first couple of missions, and have had a blast. Highly recommended (though at this point, you'll have to wait till July, for the 2nd printing to come out).

I wish I knew what the kamigura art board game was called. Everybody likes games. Especially on the Gamers with Jobs site.

Les Bakers wrote:

I wish I knew what the kamigura art board game was called. Everybody likes games. Especially on the Gamers with Jobs site.