GWJFFL 2016 - Final Results and off-season

Nowhere just yet, Legion is delaying putting up the signup thread for as long as possible.

mmockus wrote:

i have missed this the past 2 years came by too late. but where an how do I go about getting into the GWJFFL 2017?

Registration thread will go up in about a week.

Whelp, Kenneth Dixon tore his meniscus and will be out for the season. So much for that suspension screwing him up...

Wait, what year is this thread for?

Well that makes my decision to keep him or not easier :). I hope this year doesn't turn into last season for me in keeper where i lost a player to injury every week the first half of the season...

*Legion* wrote:

Just for reference, last year's registration thread went up on July 31st.

T-minus 12 hours and counting...