[Q&A] Questions you want answered (D&D Edition)

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I know the general idea of why the Pope went to Canada but I have so far failed to find out why he got a headdress.

As a white guy in the US my knowledge in that area is limited but as I lived pretty close to a lot of historical sites and tribes so I got some info through osmosis but have no idea how much of what I was told is correct/up to date.

All I know is people are mad and the photo broke my brain.

I am not indigenous, but Canadian Indigenous peoples give them as gifts.

The Pope is in Canada on a penitential voyage, which indicates he is performing penance. And, his apology was pretty impressive (to me as a white dude.) My guess is that he got the headdress as a gift for him actually coming to meet with survivors (and families of victims of) residential schools.

I have seen some indigenous people say it was a good first step, but the church needs to continue with the rest of what is needed, and others who say there is nothing short of complete elimination of the catholic church that will make up for what they did to Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Edit to add - I forgot the link to residential schools. It is a horrific part of Canada's past that was, to be blunt, the attempted cultural genocide of Canada's Indigenous peoples. The goal was, to use the words from when they program was started, to "remove the indian from the indian". Think of all of the worst parts of how humans treat other humans, and it was surely done to these kids after they were stolen from their homes.

Why does the State Department get to call for drone strikes and hire its own private army?

Because no one stops them and Congress gives them the budget.

I think there are a number of lawyers on the forums so I was wondering about copyright law and Lin Manual Miranda’s lawsuit against a Texas church that turned Hamilton into an anti gay lecture. Does the church have a legit defense by saying it’s a fair use parody? I thought a parody needed to be different enough from the original to have legal protections, but this seems to be just a copy and lift job.

And if copyright law is a bit murky on what is and isn’t fair use, could this be yet another sharia law showdowns at the Supreme Court? Yes, my nightmare being the SCOTUS legalizing widespread plagiarism as long as it has a Christian bent.

There's "fair use," and then there's "f*cked use."

Bonus protip: An anti-gay agenda is probably not best served by using live theatre as the vehicle.

Right?!? I’ve heard that some states have anti discriminatory copyright laws where you automatically lose if you create a bigoted version of a work and try to call it a “parody.” Granted, Texas probably doesn’t have those laws.

I’m still afraid this could go all the way to the Supreme Court if the church gets big spending supporters to bankroll appeals.

That would be the nightmare scenario.

On the other hand, as much as freedumb loving patriots deplore the gazpacho tactics of the FBI and IRS, they've probably never tangled with ASCAP.