I can't access PM's on the GWJ Forum

My mailbox tells me I have a PM, but the page says "you are not authorized to view this page." What am I doing wrong?

You're not doing anything wrong. New accounts can't access private messages, but this is really poorly communicated to users. Just keep posting and they'll become available.

Yes! Just keep posting here and there until the restrictions drop. Find a couple games you're interested in and drop a couple comments here and there.

Ah this explains my problem too! Thanks.

For anyone who happens upon this in the future and is wondering: I think the post count you need is about 20. That seems to be when it let me out of the "Coffee Grinder."

Thanks for the info, I'll post something right now!! In fact, I think I just did.


Thanks for the tip. The "not authorized" message is so unhelpful...

I'm really just posting so that I can get to the point where I can check that darn private message.

That's weird that it happens that way

I guess I'll post until the private message comes unstuck

Qpona wrote:

I guess I'll post until the private message comes unstuck :(

I'm doing the same thing.

What are you guys doing??


This is me totally giving you a reason to post more

For those who can't access the PM, it's a message from Certis informing y'all of the annual GWJ donation drive. The official donation drive thread is located here, so feel free to check that out in lieu of reading the PM.

Me too

Aaaah that makes so much sense now

so i'll post too until I can see them as well

Is there a spot I'm missing that shows your thread count? I can't seem to find it anywhere..

This must be related to some sort of automated message. I get emails to my associated email address telling me I have a new private message that I cannot view. Interesting that this thread is active today...

https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/... seems to explain what's going on.

Thanks for the link Octeris

Sorry for the hassle, there was a huge problem with PM spam coming from new Coffee Grinder accounts, most of you didn't feel it because you weren't on the receiving end. It was an emergency measure in response to a pretty big issue.

We've re-enabled PM box access for now and are looking into some middle ground, but I'd rather not have people getting PM spam* randomly every day.

*unless it's from me

ClockworkHouse wrote:

I'm impressed you get emails! I've done everything I can and still can't manage to get notifications for a new message.

It's become clear that Microsoft emails (Live, Hotmail, Outlook) have blacklisted mail.gamerswithjobs.com for ... who the hell knows. So much so emails don't even reach people from us if they use their services. I've poked around but I don't see any easy way to dispute that with Microsoft. If anyone has any insight I'm all ears.

We're updating the registration page to reflect the issue.