STEEP - Ubisoft's Open World EXTREME Winter Sports

STEEP is in open beta this weekend, and I tried it out for a while. I was a big fan of SSX back in the day. This isn't quite as arcadey as the versions of SSX I played, but it looks pretty good. I had a little trouble getting used to the controls, especially for the paragliding, but I'm sure there's a little learning curve there.

It's got some interesting social features. You can save and share your "memorable" rides, and you can join up with friends. Of course it has all the expected social sporty features: friend leaderboards, select-a-ghost, and that sort of thing.

Check it out!

STEEP will be released on Dec 2, 2016 for $60 retail on Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Thanks for the heads up, I completely missed the open beta was up and running.

This looks like a ton of fun!
Downloading now.

I've really enjoyed messing around with it this weekend. Feels like an extreme sports version of Pilot Wings.

I've really liked it as well. $60 just feels too... steep for me

I gotta say, I think Ubisoft is really getting their sh*t together. STEEP is really solid from what I could tell. The Crew has had a lot of attention, and it really shows. New expansion for The Crew next week. The Division is finally in good shape, too. Watch Dogs 2 has got some good reviews. They're not rushing their next AC title. For Honor sounds like a great concept, but it remains to be seen if it's going to meet expectations. I'm optimistic based on everything else they've got going.

One thing that I'm not so sure of is Ghost Recon going open world, but backing off the futuristic stuff is a good move.

RG Ninja wrote:

I've really liked it as well. $60 just feels too... steep for me


It's a little pricey for me, too, but I'm really tempted to buy it full retail to support this kind of development. Green Man Gaming has it for 18% off.

BadKen wrote:
RG Ninja wrote:

I've really liked it as well. $60 just feels too... steep for me


It's a little pricey for me, too, but I'm really tempted to buy it full retail to support this kind of development. Green Man Gaming has it for 18% off.

Personally, I expect user interest to drop off a cliff soon after launch with a precipitous sale immediately afterward that'll act like a golden parachute for sales numbers. I'll glide right in and snowboard the game then. Skiing.


I think I've covered everything now.


For me, the most impressive part was how quick the transitions were. There's only one button press to restart a run, and fast travel is basically instantaneous.

Very enjoyable and some of the missions are just hard enough to make you retry again and again (especially the wingsuit ones through the rock holes).

Also just spending happy times skiing or boarding my own paths.

Definitely worth a try if you want a quick dip in and out kind of game, though not sure I'd buy it at full price.

Haven't worked out how to set myself as female but the clothing is so bulky who knows lol


Still enjoying this but havent worked out the point/benefits of teaming up for rides. If any GWJ's want to team up then Im LondonLoo in Steep


I fully expect we'll see a bunch of people buy the game once it goes on sale. I am one of those people. Tom Chick referred to the game as Tony Hawk in Snow, which made me super interested again.

Byw, what platform are you on? I'm going to guess PC.

Im on PC, and its already heavily reduced here in the UK so here's hoping on more players!


Just purchased at £25 on PS4. Happy to have found it at half price. Yet to dip in properly, but looking forward to it.

Yeah got the gold edition on PS4 and despite getting a bunch of games I was more interested in for Christmas I can't stop playing this.

I've been waiting for a new ssx and while this doesn't have the same type of trick system it's scratching that same itch. It's so easy to just restart a run and the lack of load times make bouncing around the mountain painless. I hadn't realized until playing the mountain stories that the game is just as much about exploration as it is the challenges. Having to spend 20 minutes climbing a mountain and then paragliding to another peek before snowboarding down to get a new drop point was actually really fun.

I don't know what's included in the seasons pass but I've heard maybe sledding and Alaska. I can imagine them doing some pretty cool things with this.

If anyone else is playing on PS4 please add me it would be great to have people to challenge.

I bought this after listening to the podcast and I'm having a blast with it. I really enjoy the open world aspect. The scenery is gorgeous. And the gameplay is surprisingly varied for something with obviously ties to just to skiing snowboarding and winter activities.

I also picked this up for the PS4 after hearing folks gushing about it on the podcast. Rave, you'll see a friend request from me soon. Would be nice to get a regular group of GWJ'ers in-game.

Sounds good Pinkerton, I'm still having a ton of fun with this. Perfect game just to relax to while watching a video or something. I can't move off an event until I earn a gold medal I become obsessed.

I, too, have a copy of Steep inbound. It may not arrive for a few days, so feel free to friend me up on PS4 in the meantime.

Only played a little, be up for some gwj multiplayer on ps4, timezones permitting so might be rare, but add away.

Just got to the point can tweak outfits etc... so i'll be the one in the helmet with the bloody meat cleaver stuck in it!

Anyone have any tips for the paragliding? I can't get the bronze medal on "journey" let alone the gold. I've read online just to stay low and let the wind current carry you but that isn't helping me a lick. My fastest time is 2min and that's still 4 seconds from the bronze I believe

The only trick I've figured out for paragliding in my admittedly short time playing is to watch the yellow arrows that appear under the parachute. They indicate the updraft your 'chute is getting, the more there are the better. I've used that to pop over a few corners that the course goes around.

Hmm yeah I'm seeing green arrows and trying to stick to them but having very little luck. So frustrating this one type of event is stone walling me. I'll have to just keep hammering against it.

Get as close to the cliff face as you can, that's where there is most lift and speed

Amazon have not dispatched my copy yet. Bah! I'm actually looking forward to this.

First impressions are that it is fun to snowboard and use the wing suit. I'm still finding my way with traversal in general, so it's too early to judge the various aspects.

The menus and onscreen prompts are cluttered and too small. On a PC monitor I imagine it being fine. All the way across the living room on a television set it is not so good. This really cools my interest in any game.

It's not the instant hit I was hoping for, but there's enough there to merit a return visit or three.

Yes the UI and mountain map thing are very badly designed, but I overlook that for the quality of the snow!

I put a solid few hours into Steep last night. I enjoyed paragliding between mountain peaks before snowboarding down trails at breakneck speeds. The paragliding as well as the on foot traversal can be quite a chilled experience. It was just what I needed after a frustrating day. Once I had calmed down and relaxed I found myself being absorbed into the game, especially the wing suit events, and the snowboarding, too. It all fell into place to create quite the unique experience. I'm glad I took a chance on this one.

I haven't figured out how to group up with other riders in-game. I'm not seeing a prompt or a menu to do so?

Are there benefits to choosing to snowboard as oppose to ski, and vice versa?

Anyone you see on the mountain you look at them to target and you will get a prompt to invite them to your group. If you want to invite a friend there is a menu on the pause screen that is for grouping and setting things up.
Not the mountain view but the actual pause screen has multiple menus you can cycle to challenge, news, group, clothing. Ive read on a few forums about people not realizing this menu existed. And it only becomes available after the tutorial.

There is no difference between ski and snowboard besides which you prefer the feel of. Skis tend to turn me backwards a little to easily for my liking so I stick to snowboarding.

Took me awhile to get the hang of paragliding, I couldn't complete any events. Once I switched to the go pro view I had no trouble. I still think it is easily the worst part of the game but atleast I'm getting golds on the challenges now.

The go-pro (first person) view is great. It can be selected in all four of the sports, but not for walking, and it really ramps up the feeling of velocity. I like it, although I do better, I think, in third person.

I like the paragliding, but I would agree it's not as thrilling as snowboarding or the wing suit.

The ability to instantly retry an event and fast travel around the mountain is a great inclusion. It keeps things moving along nicely.