[Discussion] January 21st Women's March on Washington

We're going in LA, looking forward to it! Be safe out there y'all!

We're currently doing a sister march in Paris RIGHT NOW!
Bunch of pics on my Twitter.

There is a planned march in Park City today, but a storm has currently deposited at least 4 inches of snow here in the valley, meaning there will be much more up there in the mountains, so I'm not sure how it's going.

EDIT: Per Hollywood Reporter's live video, it's going quite well.

I've been watching this live on youtube. C-span is also covering it live.

Alicia Keys and now Madonna.


The California state capitol flying the flag half mast.

I went to the Toronto march with a friend. Organizationally it wasn't the best, but it was really heart-warming how large a crowd we got. Didn't realize the pink knit hats were going to be a thing, but they were everywhere and they are delightful.


The Chicago march was "officially" shutdown due to too many people. That really just meant less of a march and more gathering in Grant park.
The count seemed to be 150,000 to 250,000 people.

Posted this over in the Carrie Fisher thread...

With all the Trump protests going on today, I was happy to see these..

Estimated 150,000 here in LA. So many people it was less of a march and more of a rally.

Wow, apparently that previous estimate was a bit off.


750,000 estimated. Wow.

Nimcosi wrote:

Posted this over in the Carrie Fisher thread...

With all the Trump protests going on today, I was happy to see these..

I saw those and can't help but think, if there is an afterlife, Carrie is loving those signs and wishing she was here holding one.

We were marching in Seattle. Latest estimate of 130,000 puts it at a crowd the size of 1/5 of Seattle's population.

It was bloody magical.

We were expecting around 30,000 here in Portland, final estimate was slightly over 100,000.

As I alluded to above, heavy snow kept me in today. But I did arrange a solidarity march in my apartment:

Elysium2.0 and I went to the Minnesota March at St. Paul. It was an amazing, uplifting, empowering experience, and I'm very glad that my 13-year-old son wanted to go with me. I know this is only the first step, but it feels good to know that there are many of us out there that are on the same page. Hopefully this energy and enthusiasm can continue as we go.

One of my favorite displays was a beautiful puppet of a woman holding the earth in her arms, done by the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater of Minneapolis. Here's a photo, but it doesn't do her justice:

My family attended the one in Portland. The energy was so positive and resolute. One of the signs I saw in the news later was basically 'Even introverts felt the need to come out' which I think captured things very well. I'm sure many, many in the crowd like me had never gone to a march before.

It was the first positive step in terms of pushing back since the election. It helped remind my family and me that none of us are alone in this. While I expect it to have no impact on Trump personally, I am hoping it will remind congress that we are watching and need them to do their true jobs - for all of us.

I don't know if I believe the estimates for SF. They say 100,000 but all of market street was full from 5 till 7:30 and it kept moving. We got off BART at 5:20 or so and marched for an hour down Market street and like I said it didn't let up either before us of after us. And this was in the cold and bitter rain. It was hilarious to see a handful of instances where part of the crowd split to avoid a 10-15 ft puddle.
I saw quite a few of the introverts signs. One of the funniest ones I saw was "Free Melania".

Family went to the march at the capitol in Madison yesterday. Most-recent estimates I saw were in the 75-100k range. The high end of that would put it really close to the largest of the Wisconsin Uprising protests, which clocked in at around 115k (and that was without other sister marches going on around the state).

Great spirits, creativity, and solidarity on display - and needless to say, zero arrests (in spite of at least one Trump supporter trying to goad anyone into fighting with him).


Photo courtesy of State Representative Dianne Hesselbein.

Wow. The police is saying seven thousand for the Paris march, which feels kinda ridiculous in comparaison!

Yeah, but not only are you in a different country, you're on another continent! That's a sign of commitment and sympathy, for which we thank you sincerely.

Eleima wrote:

Wow. The police is saying seven thousand for the Paris march, which feels kinda ridiculous in comparaison!

The solidarity is appreciated and speaking of which, is there anything that we Americans to do to help stop this rising tide of stupid by helping to defeat Le Pen?

Gosh, I wish. At this stage, we need to see what happens with the Primaries for the left, and that will definitely have an impact. But that's probably a discussion for another thread. Although the message is in essence the same: good people cannot stand by and let hate, bigotry and willful ignorance win.

A big massave enormous THANK YOU to everyone who was able to march.

We weren't able to make it out because my wife was sick, but a big thank you to everyone who participated everywhere.

I was at DC and this event is the first time since the election I've actually felt heartened.

There were some fantastic signs out there. Everything ranging from "A girl has no president" in the GOT font to "We are the granddaughters of the witches you failed to burn." But the chants were also great:

"We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter!"

"Mike Pence also sucks!"

(and outside the long line for the TWO port-o-potties)
"Hey hey. Ho ho. This bathroom line has got to go!"

I was with a family, including a two year old boy. One of the best things about the march was when the little boy started saying "Smash the patriarchy!" and seeing all of the grown people around him laugh and cry. He was amazing.

Anyway, I got some photos. Not a ton, because I was trying to save some juice.

One of my favorite signs:


Here is the above mentioned child's father:


Here I am with some nasty women:

EDIT TO ADD - This is a sign one of my friends made for the NYC march:


The trip up to DC with my husband and daughter left us exhausted, but still so worth it. Being among so many people who were also drawn to make a visible statement. Dealing with some of the BS on Facebook, I could do without.

So proud and thankful for all my marching friends!

I saw too many amazing signs to count in Sacramento, but the one that continues to amuse me today:

"We Shall Overcomb"

As a woman with a Trump scarf on climbed into the backseat of a black Suburban — her driver standing by her side, eagerly waiting for her to sit down so he could close the door — she kept lunging out the vehicle to give her commentary on the scene around her. She was clearly disgusted by the marchers surrounding her car. At one point, the woman in the Suburban said to a passerby:

“If you people had jobs, you wouldn’t be out here doing this mess.”

As this happened, another woman walked by and, without pausing to look at the Chevrolet Suburbanite, said:

“B----, it’s Saturday.”