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Prederick wrote:

Not politics, but holy sh*t, at least 70 dead in Germany and Belgium due to flooding.

Over 100 now, it's truly horrifying and mind-boggling.

120 dead, hundreds still missing.

Genuine, total, wholesale shock.

Some 15,000 police, soldiers and emergency service workers have been deployed in Germany to help with the search and rescue.

Entire villages have been destroyed, and officials in the western German district of Ahrweiler say up to 1,300 people are unaccounted for.

Gregor Jericho, a resident of Rheinbach in North Rhine-Westphalia, told the BBC: "It's a very sad scene. Streets, bridges and some buildings are destroyed. There's garbage everywhere.

"Parts of buildings are in the road, people are sitting and crying. It's so sad. People have lost their homes, their cars are in fields flooded. My city looks like a battle has taken place."

Yeah, my mother shared a video with me this week of her entire street flooded, with no car traffic really being possible (waiting to hear back from her on how things are going).

All of this is jaw-dropping.

More than 150 people are now confirmed to have died after "historic" flooding across Germany and Belgium, with fears that the number will rise further as rescuers search for hundreds still missing.

Amid scenes of despair in both countries, emergency workers are toiling away to find survivors, clear up debris, and prevent further damage.

But there remain concerns that more devastation could be forthcoming, with dykes along one river from Belgium to the Netherlands and a dam in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia said to be at risk of collapse.

The worst affected regions include some of the most prosperous in Europe, with astonishing footage from near Frankfurt showing an entire house being carried down the River Ahr.