[Discussion] What comes next? Liber-all

American liberals and progressives now face their biggest challenge in a generation: What do we do with 4 years of a trump presidency, a republican congress, a likely conservative supreme court and most states under complete republican control?

This thread is not meant as a forum for discussing HOW or WHY democrats got destroyed in the 2016 election. It's meant for finding a way forward.

dejanzie wrote:

This Stockholm Syndrome is so frustrating. Under which rock where they living the past 10 years? If there's no dirt, they will invent it (see: birtherism); if there maybe is some dirt than they still make up and believe a story about a pedophile ring being operated in a cellar of a building that has no cellar!

Newsflash: Republicans will hate your guts, and will believe anything to justify it. So maybe put the priorities of the sane people first?

This sums it up pretty perfectly. The strangest thing to watch for me over the past 20 years or so is watching a political party absolutely go bonkers and begin experimenting at large with social psychology through abject propaganda, a creation of the ‘other,’ and a draconian view of that ‘other’ that distances a ‘Republican’ from over half of the country.

It’s like they took a page from the army playbook when designating an enemy combatant and you dehumanize them by calling them a name/names - Charlie, skinny, Jerry, or many other deragtory names (I apologize if I offended I left off a significant amount of others that fall into the offensive completely category)

Honestly, it’s as if Republicans have negotiated their way into a terrible position, but are too damn proud to admit any mistakes because - own the libs. To them, it’s a war - right now it’s an ideological war over made up issues and ideologies for the most part, but it’s something that very well could end in actual bloodshed. I’m not an alarmist - I don’t believe we’d fall into another civil war over this, but there might be right wing militia groups that decide to ‘take actions into their own hands’ because of this magical ideology.

We can only work with Rs so much - it doesn’t take much to extend an offer to work together, but it’s better to be prepared to go it alone and leave them to wither on that vine that they chose long ago. Right now, it’s McConnel and Graham that really need to go. (Boy there are others for sure) they’re the current lunch pins that are effective and destructive to the majority of Americans. They’ve proven that they don’t play nice and are absolutely unwilling to work with us on anything.

Heck, McConnell even filibustered a piece of legislation that he once introduced to the Senate floor because he realized that Democrats were voting for his piece of legislation and were for it. That is ... chilling and just telling in so many ways