Extra Life

GamersWithJobs 24-Hour Extra Life Marathon!


The time has come! The Extra Life 2016 game day is upon us, and some of your fellow Goodjers are tackling the grueling task of twenty-fourfive hours of gaming! It's not too late to join in and play with us, however. You can follow along with the schedule below for some of the primary games we'll be playing, or check some of our individual schedules to find out when we're playing. Be noted, though, that we'll be swapping from Goodjer to Goodjer on the official GamersWithJobs Twitch channel, so your participation may be broadcast. We also have a GamersWithJobs Curse Server if you would like to join us on the voice chatter. Be sure to check the Extra Life channel to see who's around and who is playing what.

All times in ET/PT.

Duelyst with Squee9

Rocket League with Scottish_Leprechaun

Warcraft III Tower Defense with Squee9

Darkest Dungeon with Squee9

Diablo 3 with Amoebic and The Magic Hour Podcast Crew

Mario Kart 8 with ccesarano and The Magic Hour Podcast Crew

Overwatch (PC) with Amoebic

XCOM 2 with John

Titanfall 2 (PC) with Amoebic

League of Legends with Lobstercrazy/Vertical Slice

Overwatch (PS4) with ccesarano

Rocket League with Bottle Rockets!

Destiny (PS4) with ccesarano

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water with ccesarano

Slayer Shock with Amoebic

Duelyst with Squee9

Be sure to check out our Extra Life team page if you would like to donate to any one of the GamersWithJobs teammates for this year. For any other information, questions, or suggestions, visit the Extra Life thread on our forums.


FYI if Slayer Shock is still to scary for me to play in the middle of the night, I might switch back to Necropolis. We shall see.

Thanks to all that participated! I hope you got some rest on Sunday!

Slayer Shock is a spoopy halloween survival horror game, but I didn't have the patience for it 20 hours later, so I ended up playing Overwatch (shoutout Discoursian, Troubleshot, jmnitup, Rabbit Clan) and Super Hot instead.

So happy for everyone who came out and played for all the scheduled games, as well. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you while we garnered support for kids in need. My sincerest gratitude.

We nearly doubled our goal! I am overwhelmed with pride for the good people of GWJ.

Indeed. It was good to have folks watching and commentating throughout the day, and fantastic to have those willing to use some of their free time to help us with our streams.

Aristophan wrote:

Thanks to all that participated! I hope you got some rest on Sunday!

I woke up around 2:30 and forced myself to get up and... put my systems and equipment back. That's about all I could do because I learned a valuable lesson in hydration. Drink plenty of water because otherwise you're gonna wake up feeling like you got run over by a massive turbo slug.

Thank God I took tomorrow off from work.

Oh, also:

As of this writing, GamersWithJobs have raised $3,953.46. We are placed 196 out of 5,411 teams that took part in Extra Life. There's still time to push it further, as donations are accepted until Dec. 31st, but that's a damn good number.