[Discussion] On Television, Cinema and Race

Thread for race issues in media.

Birth Of a Nation
This movie isn't do so good. I think this is because black people are tired of slave type movies, white people don't want the white guilt, and everybody else is turned off by the rape case. I mean this in general. This is just a perfect storm for the downfall of the movie.

Surviving Compton
Straight out of compton left out the ladies. This lifetime show means to correct that. I believe all of the production was done by women.

Mulan live.
All Chinese cast. Maybe the dumb choices of Gods of Egypt are over.

I'm always amazed by those incidents like that.

Like, from a purely cynical, self-interested perspective, shouldn't you at least have the forethought not to do that in public?

Like, racism aside, I think it's fair to fire him on "terrible judgement" grounds.

I particularly love when the aggrieved casual racist complains that he is being "cancelled" for his speech because folks call him out on it and make it clear they have no interest in hearing his bullsh*t anymore. Guess what, you old f*ck. You don't have a human right to an audience. If folks are sick of hearing about your dumbassery, they aren't violating your "free speech" when they tell you to go flog your bile someplace else. And invariably, they blame his lack of a sympathetic audience on "wokeness" and derides the erosion of his whites only worldview as "replacement" or some other such bullsh*t.

This is the very essence of American conservatism distilled down its base nature. Pure, unadulterated butthurt.

OG_slinger wrote:

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson *really* hates Meghan Markle.

It's quite the blend of misogyny and, of course, unspoken racism.

And it's something that The Sun basically said "that's some vitally important big brain thinking there, Jeremy, let's share it with a couple million people."

The Sun wrote:

near incoherent feeble old white man hollering

I'll posit there's more to the blend than just that. I'm going to spoil a very nsfw comment about the writer of that article.


Would not be the least bit surprised to learn later down the road that The Sun just gave carte blanche to a famous guy to write something for their rag who also happens to be a dirty old man who's into fisting? He brings it up at least twice in what was quoted here, and descriptively at that. It's the only time he gets creative with language beyond describing his dystopic fantasy scenarios about the royal couple. The rest is structurally at a grade-school level. Seems to have a shame/humiliation fetish, as well, so using this wank piece to get people to berate him for being an awful person was probably intended. Dude probably has a small collection of otherwise innocent-looking pictures of the subject of this piece with her hands showing saved to a folder somewhere.

This is exactly on brand for Clarkson and the Sun.