[Discussion] On Television, Cinema and Race

Thread for race issues in media.

Birth Of a Nation
This movie isn't do so good. I think this is because black people are tired of slave type movies, white people don't want the white guilt, and everybody else is turned off by the rape case. I mean this in general. This is just a perfect storm for the downfall of the movie.

Surviving Compton
Straight out of compton left out the ladies. This lifetime show means to correct that. I believe all of the production was done by women.

Mulan live.
All Chinese cast. Maybe the dumb choices of Gods of Egypt are over.

Not really Television or Cinema, either, but the Decoder Ring Podcast (my current favorite podcast after I binged all of "You're Wrong About") just had an episode about the Truly Tasteless Jokes books that were popular in the 80s and several of them were on the New York Times bestseller list. They included chapters on dead baby jokes and the like, along side chapters of Black, Polish, Asian, Jewish, WASP, etc. jokes that included all of the worst stereotypes.

In the podcast, they talk about some of the defense of these books was that they were making fun of EVERYONE so it was okay. And they do a good job of explaining why that argument falls flat. They also interview the woman who wrote/compiled all the books and have an interesting conversation with her about her "legacy".

As someone who remembers these books, and remembers reading them- probably over at friend's houses or at the public library because my mom would have never let me bring them into the house- it was interesting to look back 40 years and wonder how they got so popular and mainstream. Personally, I read them because I knew they were wrong and taboo- sort of in the same way I liked the humor of Cards Against Humanity. But I also knew that I shouldn't repeat the jokes to others either- however, I knew many people who had no problems repeat those jokes among friends.

Looking back, I also see how much I've changed perspective in the last 40 years, and how I probably still have some ideas "baked in" to my brain growing up in white America that still need to change.

If anyone is interested the podcast is here or can probably be found searching whatever device/app you use for podcasts.