[Discussion] On Television, Cinema and Race

Thread for race issues in media.

Birth Of a Nation
This movie isn't do so good. I think this is because black people are tired of slave type movies, white people don't want the white guilt, and everybody else is turned off by the rape case. I mean this in general. This is just a perfect storm for the downfall of the movie.

Surviving Compton
Straight out of compton left out the ladies. This lifetime show means to correct that. I believe all of the production was done by women.

Mulan live.
All Chinese cast. Maybe the dumb choices of Gods of Egypt are over.

SallyNasty wrote:
Prederick wrote:

I hate that I'm right, but that one was as easy as predicting that it'll be hot in Doha tomorrow.

Yeah, but it will be a dry heat.

Piers Morgan has always seemed like the biggest sort of asshole, one who has always failed upward. Not shocking that he can't handle criticism.

Speaking of Morgan being the biggest sort of asshole, he posted a quote from Winston Churchill about free speech. Ironically, the quote disparages Morgan and babies like him:


He's perfect for Fox.

Oh, to tell 2005 me that Joss Whedon has been outed as a dick and persona-non-grata, while Zack Snyder is doing this.

Every time I think I have a handle on reality, someone hits the flusher again and I go spinning.

EDIT: Christ, do I have to watch this movie out of solidarity or something now? Because I really don't want to.

...maybe I can just hit "play" and leave it on mute while I work one day?

I know that a lot of people who have seen the movie say that Cyborg is given a lot more room to be a central part of the story, much more so than in Justice League.

Is/has anyone watched Warrior on HBO? Its based on the writings of Bruce Lee about a Chinese immigrant who comes to San Francisco looking for someone and joins a Tong. Its set between the Civil war and WW1.

It has a LOT to unpack. There definitely seems some tropey/stereotypical stuff around women but the racism and working class issues are very interesting and current.

I finally caught up on Falcon and Winter Soldier, so I went back and read this piece about it, that I had avoided due to spoilers. It talks about race in the MCU and how much you have to suspend disbelief to go along with:


old white dudes listening to a black man lecture them.

Good piece, but not very long or in-depth.

Re: Falcon and Winter Soldier


Maybe it's a good thing to show old white dudes listening to a black man lecture them. People were jumping off roofs because they saw it in Jackass despite warnings not to. Maybe they'll follow a trend and start listening to what minorities have to say because they saw it happen on TV. You never know.