Florida News Story Catch-all

I saw someone in another forum say that we need to find out who or what radicalized him. I think we know.

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Florida Man Van


if only there was some indication of what this man was capable of.

That's what I find so unsettling about this case. That van could have belonged to any of us!

Police surround home after neighbors call 911 on couple playing 'Call of Duty'

she heard them screaming something, like a woman saying 'No, please don’t kill me.'"

"Then when I walked out there, I heard a man say, 'Why did you take my gun?' and that's when I got kinda concerned," the 911 caller continued.

that must have been one heck of a fart

Sorry, no news story to go with this. But still...


Nice hair.

Yeah, I noticed the tat.

He didn't order that sh*t.

That's what I call sh*tty service.
He had a sh*t eating grin.
He'd better sh*t or get off the pot.
He was too old for this sh*t.
He wanted sh*t to put in the pantry not panty.

Tourist intentionally ordered something in Florida, so that's kind of on him.

Wow. You are clever enough to pull off that scheme but stupid enough to not leave the country and to buy expensive gifts in short order that is bound to alert the authorities.

Now I feel a bit guilty for all the times I've asked a friend to keep my insulin syringes in their rectum for me when I don't have an extra pocket.

I don’t think any of us here can honestly say they’ve never woken with an orifice just filled with mystery syringes. It’s just one of those things that happens to everyone and connects us as a species.

After shooting himself in the back of the head, he wrapped himself in sheets and put himself in the trunk. He was going to throw himself in the river, but he realized too late that he was stuck in the trunk and couldn't drive there.

Apparently the guy was rejected by his family for being homosexual and turned to drugs years back. He was found dead of an overdose after someone called it in.

Why did my mind go to Little Miss Sunshine and “It’s not illegal!”