[Discussion] Talk about tonight's debate - Sunday nights alright for a fight

discussion of the town hall style debate Sunday night

*Apologies to Elton John but the title was just too good to pass up.

JC wrote:

What the hell is he thinking? Surely there cannot be anyone else thinking this is a good idea. Oh wait, I just remembered who his "advisors" are.

It kinda makes sense.

Trump's been on a downward spiral since the first debate. He got his ass handed to him. Then it came out he hasn't paid taxes in almost 20 years because he lost so much money. That his charity isn't really a charity and has very likely done some very illegal sh*t. And that he broke the Cuban embargo. And that the man who's promising to bring back American manufacturing jobs bought cheap Chinese steel and aluminum for his most recent construction projects.

And then the Access Hollywood tape was released.

He literally has nothing to lose at this point. If it's perceived that he loses tonight's debate you can expect a mass exodus of GOP endorsers. No one wants to be associated with a loser. Doubly so a loser who's been caught on tape crowing about sexual assaults and dropping the n-word.

No hand shake....

She didn't want to risk getting grabbed. Or kissed. I hear he just can't help himself sometimes.

JC wrote:

No hand shake....

Good policy. He likes to get grabby.

Trump is bored and annoyed behind Hillary.

Trump is on sedatives.

Donald forgot the question already.

Trump is like an animatronic robot in Epcot center. He's just rotating back and forth.

He's running out of his catch phrases.

He didn't say that!?!?! What the f*cking f*ck.

Anderson took the gloves off! "It's not sexual assault, it's locker room banter."

Trump is TANKING.

Trump's answer for locker room talk is "well it's not as bad as Isis"

JC wrote:

He didn't say that!?!?! What the f*cking f*ck.


"This is locker room talk... when you have a world were ISIS is chopping off heads..."

What's the question? Was that a question about ISIS?

Trump: I'm not quite as bad as ISIS.


Sniff count commencing.

Five minutes in, and it's game over.

Anderson Cooper: Mr. Trump, will you make America safe from yourself?

Trump: "And that's what I want to talk about" well... that may not be what everyone else wants to talk about...

Holy hell. Hillary is killing it!

It's just words folks....

Just stop. Please stop.

He already has his 2 minutes on the question. Now he wants 2 more minutes to respond. Greedy bastard.

Is he drugged? He's so slow and sounds vaguely our of it.

He just made a face like, "I could be cheating on my wife and getting ready for Celebrity Apprentice right now. I made poor life choices."

So, I thought he was defending his tape when said, "It's just words."

Then I realized he forgot what the topic was. Again.

We're watching a public lynching but the person is hanging himself.

8:17. First Bill Clinton mention.

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Is he drugged? He's so slow and sounds vaguely our of it.

I was wondering the same thing.

I can't watch. I'm getting so upset.