NFL 2016: Week 5

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Shots fired across the bow!

The[ Niners'] offensive line is a mess outside of stalwart left tackle Joe Staley.

That's coming from Robert Mays who loves OL play though I can't say how informed his opinion is on this (ie. how much film he's watched this season).

He's wrong.

The 49ers were sacked 7 times Thursday against the Cardinals, yet PFF rated all but one of the starting linemen positively. The lion's share of the sacks were attributed to Gabbert himself, who as I complained about during the game, would hit the end of his drop and then just stand there, and do so against a 6-man blitz while tight ends and backs are holding on for dear life in blitz pickup.

The one offensive lineman who did not grade well was Zane Beadles, who is an issue, but hopefully is just a placeholder until 1st round pick Josh Garnett is ready to start. Garnett got his first game action subbing in late in the Cardinals game. Hopefully he is developing as expected and will take over Beadles' spot in the coming weeks. He's a big part of that line's potential that I've been talking about (obviously, a guard you take in the 1st round is expected to become a very good player).

And again, the line had only given up 2 sacks in 3 games before Thursday, and even including Thursday, they're still 12th in pressure %, so I don't know how that adds up to a "mess".

What it is is a line with a lot of young players that are still developing, but are holding up pretty well in pass protection. (Run blocking is still a work in progress, Trent Brown in particular has a lot of technique still to learn)

Brock Osweiler under "pressure"

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But... but... he's so tall! He throws the ball really hard!

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From Deadspin, Dick Enberg Was Always The Right Man For The Moment

If you don't want to read the piece, scroll down for some classic NFL video that Enberg called -- AJ Duhe's pick-6 for the Dolphins, Ken O'Brien's crazy game for the Jets (against my Dolphins, boo), The Fumble, Marcus Allen. Great stuff from back in the day. I'm sure I watched most of that stuff live because I was very much alive back then.


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