New World - Catch All


Yeah, that's the type of grind I like.

Picked this up. So far so good. Where is everyone, and how do I make some friends in game?

So is there a gwj company on kroclylyia? I haven't chosen a faction yet as I started over on this server with a life mage.

Fresh start servers are live. Just came back and created a new character a couple weeks ago but I can’t resist the verdant fields of a new server so I’m Aesterly on USWest Isabella now.

New World: Aeturnum is coming in October to PC and consoles. It seems to be a soft reboot of the game with remastered graphics, a class system, and new/remastered quests. They’re also making all the group content optional, so you can progress the main story without being gated by dungeon content as it currently does.

I’m torn, there’s so much about this game that I like, but also so much that is extremely mid that it can’t hold my attention for more than a couple weeks whenever I return.