New World - Catch All

I like the idea. I have more or less given up on betas and early releases though. Hopefully this one works out and makes it to release for us MMO fans.

Long time no argue man. Where you been?

Hey maladen!

Not sure if you've seen the leaks from this or not, but it's safe to say that in its current state it's more of a persistent survival game than a MMO.

Still no alpha invite.



Alpha has ended.

They just announced preorders that can be found on Steam

Why is the game using bloom (in its screenshots) like it's 2012?

I didn't play a lot of this over time - by the time I got an alpha invite, pretty much every plot of land was spoken for by someone or another, and there was very little direction of what to do. Combat was hard due to desync and animation lag... the usual kind of glitchiness of a very early stage craft/survival game. Hopefully it progressed a lot since then!

Never did get a beta invite so not paying for something like this unless I get a bit of taste before taking a full bite.

It was alpha till about 3-4 months ago and they shut it down and went quite till this announcement. You can goto their site and sign up for the beta.

I'm very impressed with the game, but the biggest problem they had during testing is that there was no way to be a solo player or a small 3-5 man clan and be able to progress. The large groups would scoop up all the land and build to block off resources.

I'm hoping they've found a way to address this during the break.

Also be forewarned. They've not said anything yet, but all the testing there was no segregation between pvp and pve players. If you weren't in a safe zone you were fair game.

Looks like they have now opened up applications for the Beta:

omni wrote:

Looks like they have now opened up applications for the Beta:

Closed beta is scheduled for April 2020. Applying won't guarantee an invite. Pre-ordering the game gets access, however.

Looks like release is then aimed at May 2020.

Still feels odd writing that date...

Well, I signed up with 2 Amazon accounts so we will see.

The game looks beautiful and sounds interesting but so did Atlas before it was released.

Made it to level 12 and joined the Syndicate faction. I think I am going to enjoy this game. Hopefully we can get a GWJ group started.

This is currently active? I thought they shut it down to rework it.

Closed beta started this week.

I’m enjoying it, but it seems like they just went from copying a generic survival game to copying Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve only put in a couple hours though.

I've been in testing since the start and hit max level 2 and half times already so not going back in until launch.

The game is fun, but not sure what the longevity will be without a proper endgame. Granted some of the systems they put in place right before they pushed the launch tries to address that, but will have to wait and see the final product.

This week is actually performance testing to get ready for the review event on Aug 25th.

- Day 1: July 30, starting at 2PM PT – Complete the tutorial and reach a settlement
- Day 2: July 31, 6PM-9PM PT – Complete missions to reach level 10+ and select a faction
- Day 3: August 1, 1PM-4PM PT - Complete missions to reach level 20+

Ah, I must have skimmed the email, I thought this was lasting until the 25th.