2016 Secret Stan: The Trichy Claus Awakens

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Got the book Eleima, forgot to take pictures, but the book is on Japanese joinery and looks like it will be awesomely interesting! Still new to woodworking so my joinery/joints experience is minimal. I'm hoping to take some classes in the future at a local place(www.americanworkshop.com) that has all the power tools for wood working and offers both basic and advanced classes as well as rents time on the machines.

Thanks Eleima for being such an awesome Stanta and really spoiling me this Christmas!

I'm still getting into hand woodworking/joinery, and was looking into the basic classes at Woodcraft. Looks like there's one local to you, too.

Woodcraft of Minneapolis is in the suburb I live in, less than 5 minutes away, I'll have to check into there as well. Mostly I am waiting till I graduate with my AAS in May before taking woodworking classes, so I'll have more time to devote.

It's a very dangerous store if you have disposable income.

The last gift showed up and my kids and I love it. Pictures to come.

I don't know who formerly held the record, but after a failed personal delivery attempt to a bad address in December. UPS claims to have delivered said package yesterday. In their defense, I gave UPS the package on Friday.

Ahhh, the long con.

Hah, it was a super long con =)

Yes, I got it, thank you. The hat was a big hit and I'm looking forward to putting literally all those boozes together to create something that's sure to make me sick =)