Dee and garion do Yo-Kai Watch

I have Bony Spirits. I think I have you two already added as friends.

As seen on Reddit:


For those unaware, both Yokai Watch games have a feature where you take pictures of people with your 3DS camera to find hidden yokai. It's pretty fitting that Hillary was inspirited by the yokai that makes you cough!

I bet that Yokai has a low stamina stat, though.

Thanks for those codes, Dee. I used em and got a bunch of crank coins though I'm not sure if I'm gonna use any more codes. I like the feeling of collecting all these things on my own and the extras provided elsewhere feel almost like cheating (to me)!

We have a number of 1st series medallions in our house that I may end up scanning in, but I'll probably wait until I'm much later in the game. I've put about 5 hours in and haven't gone back in time or begun that part of the story. I've collected many, many bugs though. I have a problem. I do love how much easier it is to get the special versions of the bugs though it does feel a little less special when you get em. Definitely cuts down on the grind though.

It's a good idea to rush to the time travel point, at least. All of the fast travel options unlock right around then, so you can get around with Mirapo and not need to spend $5 on the trains and bus.

Well, I've begun to unlock the doors and I'm assuming the door in the Museum is what takes me back in time?

If you just did that sidequest section you're... 2 or 3 chapters away? After the first boss, you head to your grandma's house out in the country, do some stuff in that area, then the time travel happens.

AFAIK, the door stuff is sidequests.

I've been mainlining the story as much as possible to get the fast travel stuff. It's a lot easier to do the sidequests when you're not running everywhere.

I'm okay with taking my time. Knowing how far away from unlocking the past I'll try and focus some more on the main quest, but the main issue is stopping to hunt insects. I gotta stop that.

BTW, if you do the train quest, the prize is unlimited train travel.

Polygon review

If Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Spirits/Bony Souls aspired to do nothing more than keep the player busy, it wouldn’t be anything special. It would be one more video game world, one more endless stream of shallow quests and grindy battles and collectible checkboxes, one more way to kill a weekend or keep the kids quiet. But there is more here. There’s a world with charm and careful detail, more than a collection of paths, obstacles and objectives. It’s a place worth occupying, even if you may sometimes, occasionally, feel a little lost while you’re there.

Shoot, I played the heck out of the first game and I still don't have attitudes memorized. Then there are the things asking you quiz questions about certain yokai and I can't figure most of em out.

So, yeah, there's definitely some more friendly things the game can do. Fo sho.

Tempted to take the three-year-old...

I'll just leave this here.



That was interesting.

Hello! Just poking my head in, about 11 hours into the game and digging it so far. I'm sure I will be back with noobish questions.

We're here for you!

I've been struggling to stay interested in the game lately and it's not really the game's fault. About a month ago, maybe a little more now, we found out my fiance was being laid off ... while 6 months pregnant. The more leisurely pace of the game along with all the cuteness (and weirdness), instead of being a refuge for my now dark thoughts, was cloying. Unfortunately, I still find it that way. I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online and that's been more to my liking, which is the complete opposite of how I had been feeling for the previous year. It's really strange to me how the situation and stress level change has affected my video game enjoyment. I'm seeking out more free form gaming (Elder Scrolls) or harder edged adrenaline or loot focused games (Diablo). The longer, slower titles aren't cutting it, even with World of Final Fantasy pulling my attention for a while. Even that overwhelming cuteness isn't able to break through.

Long story short, too late, but there's something to be said for mental health and gaming. Or at least my mental health and my gaming tastes.

Oh man that's rough, sorry to hear about that. I totally get that feeling though, when I was jobless for a bit I couldn't play kind of slower paced easy going games because it made me feel like I should constantly be on the hunt. Which I pretty much was, but there is only so much you can do in a day. I ended up just playing MOBAs or other games that almost felt like work because it made me feel productive when I couldn't really do anything else that day.

Anyway, best of luck to you and your fiance.

The last time I was out of work was when I moved from Maryland to Ohio. I had some contracting work on occasion but in general I was trying to find full time employment in my "free" time. Man, I had so much time on my hands and wasn't enjoying any of the games I had. Too stressed, too freaked out. Ended up watching a fair bit of tv then. Something about the engagement and energy of a game was too much for me. I'm absolutely certain I was depressed at the time. Of course, I moved to a place where I knew all of two people so I was a bit lonely too.

Anyway, enough LiveJournaling. We're in a good place, if not perfect, but my stress level is naturally magnified while I pick up some extra work for some extra cash. When I'm not doing that or the 100 other things I do to keep our family running while she kicks her feet up for some third trimester rest (a much needed thing and the one HUGE benefit from being laid off), I ain't got no time for slow moving Yokai Watch! lol Bring on the instant action, instant dopamine!

Anyone happen to see season 2 of Yokai Watch or the movie? I'm interested in both even though season 1 of Yokai Watch was kind of stupid in how silly it was. I'm hoping the new season isn't as absurd. The kid really liked it though, but he was 5 when he watched it, so ...

Time travel AND trains? This game has it all! So far it seems the story is going to act as one long tutorial and then let you explore all the mechanics in the post game, is that right? Just getting through one hour at a time on my lunch break, gunna have to dig in more this weekend.

Yeah, that's exactly how the story goes. At least, that's how the first one went and the 15 hours I've put into the second game.

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters coming West this Fall. It's the 'definitive' version of YW2 with both games combined with some extra stuff.

I'm of a mind they should've launched with this version last fall, but what do I know?

Yokai Watch 2 finally arrived in Europe last week. Is this third version enough of an improvement that it's worth my holding on instead of picking up Souls/Spirits? Or are the changes minor enough that I won't be missing much? It wasn't included in our Direct and our release dates are so slow I don't know if we'll get it.

No, I probably wouldn't wait. YW2 added a ton of new Yokai and Shinuchi is only adding a fraction more. YW2 is already quite massive so there's more than enough to do.

Data transfer confirmed! I may buy this then.

Coming Sept. 29th.

I forgot this thread existed... Thrown over from the 3Ds thread...

Taking another run at the first game at the moment. I played a decent chunk but put it down before it was done as I do with most games, but something has drawn me back and if anything enjoying it more this time!

I've played a few Pokemon games, but never a tonne of any of them, I keep thinking should like them more. Have to say I think I prefer YW.

Anyhow... Looks like late EU arrival of BS and FS might have been to our advantage and can look forward to all in one Psychic Specters.

Bubblefuzz wrote:

I've played a few Pokemon games, but never a tonne of any of them, I keep thinking should like them more. Have to say I think I prefer YW.

I certainly do. I like Pokemon, but have never gotten super into the games. I tend to prefer some of their spinoffs more than the proper releases. Like the Mystery Dungeon stuff. You still get the cute characters and collecting, but not the bland worlds the stories take place in. Just other ... bland fantasy worlds.

Btw, this happened in the YW anime series recently:



Wouldn't be surprised. They have a nice window of opportunity while Game Freak is working on Switch Pokémon. Although I doubt it's any sort of foretelling, I'd still keep an eye on TGS next month.

Good news:

Oni Evolution update for YW2 should be out today or now. Small update, really. New S ranked Jibanyan and Komosan, but also an update to Busters.