[Discussion] Surveillance and the Police State

General observations on surveillance and accrual of police powers.

What really pisses me off is that the CIA is actively working to keep us vulnerable, by having vulnerabilities inserted in American software.

Not sure of the best thread for this, as Information Security is Surveillance-adjacent, and Joy of Programming-adjacent. Do we have a specific thread for Info Sec and related?

RAND Corporation published a really nice analysis of zero-day vulnerability research based on a data of set of years of data collected on 0days and their usage. The preface is pretty awful, but the actual report details are pretty good.



Cops have a secret, unaccountable system for tracking you by your cellphone. They abuse it frequently, and is yet another example of the police getting around judge's rulings by finding new technology and saying "this doesn't count."

But, hey, who would have a problem with dirty cops, and friends of dirty cops all being able to track people in real-time by their phones. Something something Blue Lives Matter.

For anyone who remembers, this an excellent Deep Dive podcast with Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladek of Lawfare and the DC Circuit on the history and legal considerations in the Anwar Al-Awlaki case. It's pretty interesting.