[News] Satirical News Show Clips

I decided to just put a John Oliver clip in this thread and change the name and scope rather than start a separate thread for Oliver's stuff.

So just put any video stuff in here; Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Green, etc.

Trump Rambles About "Oringes" and Windmills: A Closer Look

CRUELLA DEVOS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Jerry Nadler Wants To See It All (The Mueller Report)

Fifty Cons of Way | April 10, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Stephen Colbert is a wonderfully funny man, but he is sh*t at lip syncing.

Mueller Report: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Unsolved Mysteries: White House Edition - What Does Ivanka Actually Do? | The Daily Show

BARR! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Lethal Injections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Posted this in the wrong thread before, should be here

Translating News Headlines Into Fox News Headlines

The one at 2:40 is worth watching for.

Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

25 Republican Men Ban Abortion In Alabama

Sam Bee teaches sex ed to senators