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I decided to just put a John Oliver clip in this thread and change the name and scope rather than start a separate thread for Oliver's stuff.

So just put any video stuff in here; Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Green, etc.

Even he asked them why they were laughing at that part.

John Oliver - Trump's Airstrike, Part 1

Part 2

John Oliver - Bill O'Reilly, Part 1
*Lord he is a terrible audio read.

Part 2

‘Devil’s Advocate Boy’ Statue Erected On Wall Street Next To ‘Fearless Girl’


The bronze statue, which sort of aggressively came out of nowhere, features a young boy with his hands on his hips, shoulders slightly shrugged and head cocked to the side, as if saying, “Now, don’t get me wrong—“, “Not that I personally think that, but…“ or perhaps “I’m just saying!”

Sorry album picture of Strawberry Switchblade, but it looks like it's time for a new icon...

French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Easter Message from Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

Trevor Noah Gives Bill O’Reilly The Send-Off He Deserves

Stephen Colbert and "Stephen Colbert" say farewell to Bill O'Reilly


OG_slinger wrote:

Most of those segments, including the CJ Cregg open, were brilliant. (And Peaches!)

Trump Confronts Canada and North Korea: A Closer Look

Stephen Colbert Goes One-On-One With Trump

This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President


*liberal audience cheers and high fives*

Yup. Those stupid liberals are so hypocritical. It has completely caused me to join the tea party so I can be part of a group who never says, supports, or has any hypocritical positions!

The Democratic Party is not a monolith of perfect people with spotless opinions, who could have known

NormanTheIntern wrote:


*liberal audience cheers and high fives*


*conservative audience cheers and yells "yeah!"*


* conservative audience applauds the body count*

Combining two of my greatest loves, Musical Theater and Political Satire.

Mixolyde wrote:

Combining two of my greatest loves, Musical Theater and Political Satire.

Randy really outdid himself with that one.

NormanTheIntern wrote:


*liberal audience cheers and high fives*

Did I miss something? When did Colbert make a gay joke?

He said, amidst a series of other insults:


Trump is Putin's c*ck holster

which is funny in a crude sort of way except that the base of the joke is that sexual activity / homosexual sexual activity is a big part of the punchline.

It's not the sexuality that makes it funny. It's the implication that Trump is the bottom in that relationship, when his public persona is the exact opposite.

RoughneckGeek wrote:
BadKen wrote:

It's not the sexuality that makes it funny. It's the implication that Trump is the bottom in that relationship, when his public persona is the exact opposite.

Sure. Because there's no such thing as a strong, confident guy that likes getting f*cked in the ass.

The joke isn't funny. It is homophobic. He's been called out over it by half the folks in my circles and the other half is making statements about silly fags with thin skin. The response has been a far cry from it's okay because a liberal did it as Norman is implying.

I don't think the joke was homophobic. The fact is, calling a woman a c*ck holster for a man would imply exactly the same derogatory implication. It was a joke about power over the powerless. It was vulgar, but it wasn't homophobic just because he was describing two men.

The joke poked at the men's machismo, but it left Putin elevated and powerful. If it were homophobic, it would have been derogatory to him to. Instead, it implied that in their relationship, between two men that like to boast about how manly they are, Trump doesn't measure up. I will say it was probably too vulgar for his show, but I just don't believe that the joke mock homosexuals.

I think Andrew Kahn has he right of it.

Slate: Colbert’s Gay Trump Joke Was Bad, but #FireColbert Is Worse

Let me get this straight: A bunch of conservatives made up a fake boycott, and now other conservatives are blaming it on “the left.”

That’s correct.

I would like to be excluded from this narrative.

It’s too late. The Twitter agitators have framed the issue as an inescapable moral choice: You either have to protest the joke or let it slide, like the liberal hypocrite you surely are.

That framing is obviously deficient. You can engage with the joke in a million different ways. But Colbert did screw up—badly, in my eyes. It’s worth your time to think about this and figure out how you feel.

OK, I’ve thought about it and this is how I feel: The joke was not offensive. Colbert was poking fun at himself, as he often does. As Mark Harris wrote on Twitter, “not enough is being said about the fact that Colbert slung that while ‘playing’ an insult comic.” This will all blow over in a couple days.

You’ve become remarkably well informed about this issue in a very short time.

It’s true that Colbert delivered the line from inside a loose-fitting comic character, but that character’s purpose was largely to channel the frustration of the studio audience. They went wild at the Putin joke. Maybe they liked it—as Harris could argue—because they thought it was the sort of thing that would rile Trump. Or maybe they liked it because it was the latest escalation of a ubiquitous trope: the Trump bromance.

It emerged long ago and refuses to leave us. For a while, there was just the Trump–Putin bromance. In the last week, the New York Times has identified a Trump–Xi bromance and the Washington Post a Trump–Duterte bromance. The president has had bromances with Tom Brady and Elon Musk. Basically every non-adversarial relationship that Trump has had with a powerful man—or TV show or dead person—has at some point been called a bromance.

The thesis, in most of these cases, is that Trump is submissive in the presence of power. He is enchanted and beguiled by strong men. He cannot relate to them the way a normal adult would. His fascination is adolescent, narcissistic, and—as in any good Apatovian bromance—pathetically erotic. That has always been the teasing implication: not that Trump is literally gay, but that he might as well be.

Colbert isn’t the first comic to make the sexual part of the analogy explicit, but he’s the first one to do so graphically on network TV.

I like the part where the Trump supporters who called everyone who didn't agree with them cucks are now clutching their pearls over Colbert's comment.

I don't think Colbert implied that 45 liked it or chose it, but that he'd do anything it to get where he wanted. I think he tried to make that clear in the second clip, that while he didn't regret the sentiment he regretted his choice of phrase and then gave support to all forms of expression of love.

Liberals mess up like everybody else, but we seldom double down, seems to me. We look at what we said or did and react not only with apologies, but with real respect and then we follow up with some action to try to undo the harm we accidentally inflicted. That's been my experience.

I owe an apology to my gay friends. I misused the word "bottom" in my reply. A bottom is in no way inferior to anyone else. My point was that calling someone a "c*ck holster" is an insult that says that the person with the c*ck has no use for the other person except as a place to stick it. It is hetero/homo agnostic.

That is the dichotomy that made the joke funny to me, not "haw haw gay sex." Trump projects an image of power, but in reality, he is nothing more than Putin's f*ck toy. It is also funny on another level, because the word "holster" has a military implication - that Russia has no respect for America's military might.

The unfortunate truth is that I don't think most of Colbert's audience is sophisticated enough to perceive the joke that way. Regardless of his intention, knowing the crowd he was playing to, he had to know it would be the homophobic interpretation that got the laugh, not the subtler power dynamic interpretation.

People have to realize that the jokes in these shows are not just thrown together at the last minute. People like Colbert have a deep understanding of comedy. It is their profession. They live and breathe it every day. They don't just pull jokes (forgive me) out of their asses. They think hard about every word, every phrase, every pause, every gesture. Watch some serious interviews with comics some time, or the panel shows where comics talk about their craft. It's amazing how much effort they put into even the smallest gag.