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I decided to just put a John Oliver clip in this thread and change the name and scope rather than start a separate thread for Oliver's stuff.

So just put any video stuff in here; Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Green, etc.

Lets start with the Sept 19th stuff

Refugee Crisis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Farley, that's a repost from last year, after the Paris attacks. Still relevant, though.

wordsmythe wrote:

Farley, that's a repost from last year, after the Paris attacks. Still relevant, though.

Oliver reposted it in light of the 'Skittles' post by Trump Jr.

wordsmythe wrote:

Farley, that's a repost from last year, after the Paris attacks. Still relevant, though.

I thought I had seen it but the tag on Youtube said it was uploaded yesterday so I figured I was mistaken.

John Oliver is back

Love this thread!

A Closer Look: First Presidential Debate - Late Night with Seth Meyers






Woooh Cocaine.


Contains swearing.

I was meaning to watch Sandra Bee's Full Frontal.
I really liked it, although I thought she'd be angrier.


It wasn't 10 times. It was 51 times.


'Adam Ruins Everything' Explains Why A Wall Would Do Jack Squat To Stop Illegal Immigration


This may be too Discussion-esque, but I wanted to drop this here first as it pertains to modern American satire. If the groupthink feels this doesn't fit the thread I'll gladly move it.

Several think pieces have crossed my sphere of influence and made me rethink my infatuation with the current state of modern American satire. As a disenfranchised liberal youth in the era of the Bush push to co-opt media and religion, I was weaned on the Daily Show. That Jon Stewart's disciples have come to dominate the world of late night comedy-news-satire is something I view as almost a personal vindication and victory.

That being said, is it possible that modern American satire:

1) Is largely toothless and pulls its punches?

2) Is open to misinterpretation and inadvertently fuels the ignorance it satires?

3) Creates a self-reinforcing bubble in which discussion is hindered and opposition alienated?

The idea for this line of thought is largely based on the most recent Malcolm Gladwell podcast The Satire Paradox. The podcast describes most of the positions I present here, but he really drives home the fact that American satire is weak when compared to other forms of satire. Tina Fey's Sarah Palin is demonstrably weaker than the Israeli satire he references. Is it possible that the problem with satire doesn't go far enough?

That satire is often misinterpreted is a sad fact. Stephen Colbert's character was as beloved by conservatives as liberals because they chose to believe he was actually telling the truth. What? This is patently shocking to me. There's a historical context to this failure of satire too if you read about the interpretations of the Archie Bunker character.

The self-reinforcing bubble fact is brought up in this NYTimes op-ed The Samantha Bee Problem. I don't agree with many of the statements in this op-ed, but it got me thinking? Will this wind tunnel one-sided coverage of the issues bring about the backlash he describes? Moreover, does the lack of representation just serve to reinforce the audience? Is the satire monopoly a part of the problem with the current state of political discourse?

If you want an even more extreme view (which I don't endorse), you can read Sinking Giggling into the Sea, a critique that states satire and humor has no place in the political sphere.

At any rate, I'm juggling these questions daily as this political year comes to a close, and I was wondering what you all, fellow fans and subscribers to the modern American satire sphere, would think in response.

Super interesting Kronen, though it probably does deserve a Discussion thread.

Police Accountability

SNL debate skit

I hope this is photoshopped



Nope. Chachi even said he was afraid because he was mentioned in the Between Two Ferns bit and people who Hillary doesn't like tend to disappear.

But, but, but what possible expertise can he offer about taxes? ....

In the real world? Absolutely none.

But he's a conservative who wants Trump elected so that makes him a suitable subject matter expert as far as Fox News is concerned.

From Samantha Bee extras. I would love to see more.

farley3k wrote:

I hope this is photoshopped



trumpists are already talking about how the election is rigged (if hillary wins only of course)

*How in goodnesses name does her crew get people to say such insanely stupid, contradictory stuff?