[Discussion] Watching Venezuela Implode

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Outmigration is ramping up, leading to a refugee crisis in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Reports indicate that 600,000 Venezuelans have entered Colombia officially, so the total number of migrants is certainly higher. If the number is a million, that's 3% of Venezuela's population and the are no signs of the migration slowing down.

Venezuelan credit has completely collapsed, and the country is $1.7 billion behind on payments. It's clear at this point that the Venezuelan government has no intention of ever paying again.

The Washington Post has confirmed that over a million Venezuelans have left the country in the last two years, or 3% of the population. An equivalent migration in the United States would be the entire population of New York City.

While Venezuelans are fleeing for their lives, American leftists are still calling the regime democratic and supporting the Maduro regime's claims about a U.S.-led plot to force economic and political change on Venezuela. The "democratic" elections scheduled for May are being boycotted and protested by the Venezuelan opposition. Finally, the United States is considering an oil sanction, which would likely cause what's left of the Venezuelan economy to collapse.

Venezuela President Maduro sworn in for second term.


:0 and you Americans think you have it hard with just 4 years.

Venezuela definitely has it worse.