[News] Explosion In NYC

discussion &news releases about ongoing event in New York's Chelsea neighborhood

Robear wrote:

Interesting how "thieves" turned into homeless folks investigating abandoned luggage... And two of them actually called police about the bomb rather than walking away. They deserve better than the label of "thief".

For what its worth, I've really only noticed the 'thieves' moniker applied to the pair in NYC. They actually did 'steal' the luggage, never reported anything, and the last I knew still hadn't been identified. The guys in NJ who did report what they found haven't been called thieves anywhere that I've noticed.

I had heard it in regards to all of the sites, but of course the coverage was hasty and jumbled at first. It just stuck in my mind.

how's everything now? :/

It'd probably be handy to hear from someone who is actually in NYC (or NJ) for how things are there, but from out here it seems to have calmed down since the arrest. Here's an article from today summarizing the current situation. Could be in court as soon as Wednesday.

Tangle? Norman?

Life as usual. The disruption was microscopic even before they caught the dude.

Yeah, I was on a rooftop deck in East Village Sat. night, like 2 miles from Chelsea, when my wife texted me with the news reports. No one around me batted an eye then or in the hours that followed.


Eh. New Yorkers have seen worse, this guy seems to have been mostly on his own, and you're more likely to get killed by a drunk driver than a terrorist anyway. I'm not all that surprised if most people are taking it in stride.

Meanwhile, an interview with the two men who found the bomb in the backpack in NJ.

I have some PTSD type issues that crop up whenever anything like this happens, but I'm not particularly worried about it, if that makes sense.

As a runner I really despise anyone who would disrupt a race though.