The Self Promotion Thread

I've released my first game! It's totally small and not significant but I'm happy to have finished a project in my free time.

DotBox, released 11 August 2019.

I used to play a paper and pen version of this at school. We'd draw some dots in the back of our school book/jotter and take turns to see who could make the most boxes without the teacher noticing.

It's a free download for Windows on my page. I wrote about developing it on my SplitScreen blog. Making a game was one of my goals for the year. It's been a rewarding experience.


oh hey! I used to play that a lot too! Good job!

* * * * *

I forgot this thread was a thing, so i might as well mention i've started creating D&D content for the DM's Guild. Specifically, so far I have uploaded the following....

Mormesk's Diversions: Trials of the Heron's Gaze (Pay What You Want)

"Locked within a series of trials in a hidden underground shrine, a weapon blessed by the forest goddess Mielikki lies waiting for someone worthy enough to claim it. "

Trial of the Heron’s Gaze is a short puzzle dungeon with a handful of smaller combat encounters, which should act as a short palate cleanser between “Mines of Phandelver” and the players next big adventure.

As such it is balanced for a group of four level 5 characters, but should be easy to modify for groups of higher or lower level as required simply by upping the danger in combat.

The dungeon should be playable in a single 3 hour session, depending on how easily and quickly the players solve the various puzzles.

Mormesk's Diversions: Legacy of the Mechanist (Pay What You Want)

"Beneath the rubble of the River District’s reconstruction zones, the legacy of one of Neverwinter’s more...eccentric mages still waits to be re-discovered..."

A short post-Phandelver dungeon for levels 5-6

This is the second in a series of quick mini-dungeons and encounters, all based around the “mysterious map” discovered in the lair of Mormesk the wraith, during the finale of The Mines of Phandelver. Legacy of the Mechanist is a short underground one-session dungeon, designed to work on it’s own, or to act as a potential link allowing the PCs to move from “Mines of Phandelver” directly into “The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish”.

As such it is designed for a group of level 5-6, but should be easy to modify for groups of higher or lower level as required simply by changing the danger in combat or the deadliness of any traps. This booklet contains everything you need, including battle maps, new creature statistics and tokens to use on online RPG systems such as Roll 20.

Includes custom maps and tokens!

and my first "paid" supplement..

Rosna's Vault - A magic item store for use in your urban adventures

During the early days of the recent reconstruction of the city of Neverwinter, In a shady side-alley away from the snooping eyes of the mercenary guards or fearful townsfolk, a bright flash and the faintest of rumbles announced the arrival of the wizard and planeswalker Rosna Elebranore Fisk. A native of Sigil, and a retired magic user and adventurer of not insignificant power, Rosna was searching for somewhere to settle down, maybe set up a small shop to sell her magical trinkets and generally try to have a quiet life for once...but it seems that one of her old adversaries may have a score to settle...

* * * * *

Rosna's Vault is a complete magic item shop that can be used as-is or expanded and modified as suits your play style/party level. Contents include an inventory of unique goods and services on offer as well as the framework for several connected side quests that can be fleshed out by the DM and spread out across an adventuring parties career.

I would appreciate the D&D and TTRPG players in the audience taking a look, or passing on the details to their groups or extended RPG playing communities.

In addition, I am trying to regularly release this and similar content via my Patreon page, which is another way to support me. (Link in the footer). I'm releasing things like custom battle maps, tokens, etc for backers at any level, and backers at higher levels get things like special discounts on anything I create, etc. Your support would be appreciated, as it helps me create more and more content

oof. I think that's all my self promo stuff at the minute.

I’ve totally refreshed my gaming YouTube with new titles and thumbnails and general metadata admin that gives me disproportionate pleasure.

What I’d like to share though is my latest video. Due to a recording hiccup, I had to replay an episode of Alone in the Dark for my Let’s Play. I turned my mistake into an opportunity and tried to beat the World Record speedrunner for this section. I contacted them and have overplayed their professional run over my amateur jog. It was fun.

As always, if you make YouTube stuff let me know so I can subscribe to you.