[Discussion] Feminism and social justice, plus FAQ!

This thread is for discussing feminist issues--from the narrow meaning (a movement for social justice in terms of gender equality) to the broader meaning (a movement for social justice, period), and from the scope of issues in gaming and geek culture to kyriarchy in general.

Basic questions are allowed here for now, we will split out a Q&A thread should it become necessary.

Eleima wrote:

It's the kind of surgery that's not even considered plastic surgery here

Meaning that in US terms, it would be cheaper (or free) and require less (or no) squabbling with doctors and fighting with insurance companies?

Eleima wrote:

The very fact that you felt the need to add that last line means you had some inkling that your post was superfluous and inappropriate.

You are correct and I regret posting that. I apologize.

Wow, I'm just so in awe (and even some tears) over this video. (Warning...blood...female stuff...)

Per the video description:

We tell girls a simple story:
Get your period around twelve.
Repeat every twenty-eight days.
Deal with some pain.
Have some babies.
Then more periods.
And then around fifty, your body is meant to politely retire.
But it’s never that simple.
And when we pretend that it is, we make every other experience feels less normal, less valid, less real.
Women's confidence and wellbeing suffer. Pain goes undiagnosed. Shame and embarrassment build. The silence about our bodies and experiences goes on.
Now more than ever, we need to tell all the unseen, unspoken stories of our periods, vulvas and wombs – our #wombstories - because none of them have gone
They are real stories of love and hate,
Of pleasure and pain and pain so severe it’s a disease with a name, endometriosis,
It’s stories of longing and trying for babies.
And of never wanting children. Ever.
The joy of birth. The pain of birth.
And the silent devastation of miscarriage.
Stories of clockwork periods. And haywire ones.
Of awkward beginnings and roller-coaster peri-menopausal endings.
Good stories. Bad stories.
Mundane ones. Profound ones.
The bitter. And the sweet.
All our #wombstories need to be heard.
To know each other.
To help each other.
To see each other.
Thank you to all the women who shared their #wombstories with us and made this film possible.

I laughed aloud at it.
New underwear and sneeze I can really relate to!
I’m having occasional hot flashes as I hit perimenopause and crazy hormonal mood swings. I’m calling it second puberty and loathing it but looking forward to being done with the damn bleeding.

My bleeding finally stopped a couple of years ago and it's been GREAT! Only very mild hot flashes that are gone very quickly, but in hindsight, much of the heavy anxiety and depression I was feeling around that time was probably related to hormones going crazy. I think my current back/neck stiffness and muscle soreness is due to it as well since it suddenly happened during that same time. The weight gain is real too, but I think I'm finally getting that back under control and getting back to a better and more regular diet. (FINALLY!)

But when I first got the period, I was about 11 years old and kept running inside to change my underwear because I just thought I had an "accident" while outside playing. It wasn't until my mom found everything and called me in and asked about it that I realized what it was!

But that woman in the video who was rolling around on the floor in the bathroom? That was how I was every month during teens and 20's. It was AWFUL! It was still pretty bad after those years, but was more bearable as I got older.

I think my "crone" years will be my best yet!

I have been telling my husband I’m looking forward to being a crone

He’d better not call me one though!

Wow. Thanks for sharing that, it’s... a lot to take in.

Eleima wrote:

Wow. Thanks for sharing that, it’s... a lot to take in.

Isn't it? I'm still processing!

As am I! I had started sharing some stuff but it got too much, so I got rid of it all. But ... yeah.