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My wife upgraded from a S1 to a S3 a few months ago. The S1 was still perfectly usable, but yes she did charge it each night. The main benefits of the upgrade are the new one is lighter, faster, and the battery lasts longer. I think if you want to try it out to see if it is for you long term, buying a S1 for <$150 is a very valid way to do that.

T-Prime wrote:

I'm considering an Apple Watch, more-or-less for the novelty factor (my parents have long abandoned trying to figure out a birthday/holiday gift and just give me money on the classic condition "get something you wouldn't normally buy with your own money")

Since it's more for the novelty and less for the utility, I'm considering a used first generation Apple Watch, which run at or below $150 on various sites. Those are a few generations old now, does anyone still use a first-gen Apple Watch? Is watchOS still somewhat quick, or is it worth spending a bit more to get a used Series 1 or Series 2?

Also, are there any must-have killer apps or whatever for the device? One big point for me is that I'd like to wear it to sleep and use it as a personal alarm that doesn't wake up my wife or son.

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Get a Nokia Steel instead.. its lighter has better battery life and can do the Alarm as well as track fitness and sleep.

I have purchased and sold several devices on Swappa. If an issue comes up the swappa staff will intervene. So lets say you purchase something and don't hear from the seller for a few days. You can simply check the box for help from swappa staff and someone will review things and contact the seller. I've done about a dozen purchases/sales and have had swappa staff involved in two of them. One was an issue with the person not having their address verified and the swappa staff talked us both through what to do. Everything from refunding the money to redoing the sale. Comparing them to ebay is like comparing buying a phone from a company in China called smertphene vs buying an iPhone at the Apple store.

Also, are you talking series 1 or OG Apple watch. The series 1 watches are going for about 165 on swappa and I'd recommend spending the extra $20 or so. I have a series 1 and still get pretty good battery life. I get 1-2 days out of it.

As for killer apps, I'd say the following:

Apple Health - There are things I like better about the Samsung Gear fitness but apple health is the simplest most easy to use out there. Everything connects with it and it works well. There are lots of fitness apps for the watch and most work well and integrate with Apple Health. The three rings take a little time to get used to but are very intuitive once you do.

Music Controls - Any time you are playing something with audio from your phone you have music controls on the watch. It tells you what is playing. You can adjust the volume, skip tracks, pause.

Pandora - the pandora app lets you start playing music on the phone, skip tracks, and like/dislike tracks. I love being able to like tracks. Very handy.

Camera - lets you start your camera and take a photo with the watch. You can see the preview on the watch.

Weather - shows the weather on the watch

Timers and stop watches.

Lastpass - You can get passwords and view notes on the watch without authenticating on your phone. You can set it to require the watch PIN

Onenote - View notes on the watch - It may not be for everyone but when I coach soccer I can create a list of what I want to do and go through it on the watch rather than take the phone out all the time. Keeps the phone safely in my pocket or bag and away from errant soccer balls.

To add to that list:

Overcast (audio podcasts) - watch app has the usual custom skip forward/back playback controls, but also lets you browse your subscriptions and existing playlists to start phone playback of other episodes.

Authy - TOTP 2 factor app (like Google Authenticator) but native to the watch. Shares accounts with the phone app, which can then back them up to iCloud or sync them across devices for you.

And OneNote also lets you dictate a note to yourself from the watch.

This is all awesome information, thanks everyone!

As of Sunday afternoon (after 6pm GMT+1), my series 2 Apple Watch is no longer syncing activity with my iPhone 8. Anyone else having this issue?
I tried restarting both the iPhone and the watch, having the watch go into Airplane mode, all to no avail. The only idea I have left is unpairing and repairing the watch but I’d hate to lose two days worth of activity (yes, I do chase those achievements).

Édit: I fixed it!! Left the Bluetooth off for over half an hour and boom! There it was. I knew the Watch was still sending info since my friend could see the progress in the sharing component of Activity. Go figure.
So nothing to see here.

Nothing to see where?

Can you use the Apple Watch LTE with the phone turned off? I'm thinking it would be cool to still get notifications, but be able to come home from work and throw my phone in a drawer.

Yes, but you'll have to get the Watch added to your data plan as its own device. It usually costs ~$10 a month.

Kurrelgyre wrote:

Yes, but you'll have to get the Watch added to your data plan as its own device. It usually costs ~$10 a month.

That's fine. Can you turn your phone off with that setup? Or does it still have to be on and nearby?

DSGamer wrote:
Kurrelgyre wrote:

Yes, but you'll have to get the Watch added to your data plan as its own device. It usually costs ~$10 a month.

That's fine. Can you turn your phone off with that setup? Or does it still have to be on and nearby?

Yes, the phone can be off or out of range if the Watch has LTE set up.