Apple Operating Systems (macOS, iOS, watchOS, & tvOS) Catch-All

They look pretty good. I am hoping for some independent benchmarks soon. Also a little disappointed they didn’t include at least one regular USB port since there are still a lot of devices that use them and on the MBP we have the number one accessory we use is a Thunderbolt to USB adapter.

It shows what madness the last 6 years of design have been that at this point they’ve literally gone back to the old scissor keyboard, got rid of the Touchbar, restored the function keys, brought back MagSafe charging and brought back most of the old ports.

How can anyone be against using a standard USB C charger rather than a proprietary one?

Are you talking about lightning cables or MBP charging?

*Legion* wrote:

My 13 Pro Max does not arrive until mid/late October. :(

Mid/late October has arrived, and so has my 13 Pro Max!

I switched from Android to iOS by taking advantage of a holiday deal to get an iPhone 12, which downgraded my phone size from the big Androids I've used for years (does anyone say "phablet" anymore?), but knowing it was just a temporary measure until I could trade that 12 in for the 13 Pro Max.

Now I finally have my "big" iPhone, and 120hz display on it to boot. Yessssss.

The 120hz screen on the 13 Pro Max is wonderful.

Just installed iPadOS 15.1 and holy forking shirtballs I didn't think we were getting normal Safari tabs back on the iPad too!!!