Apple Operating Systems (macOS, iOS, watchOS, & tvOS) Catch-All

I liked a lot of what they had to show. I don't use FaceTime much, but adding a bunch of Zoom-like features and the music/video sharing struck me as cool (a year too late, sure, but who knew?). Speaking as someone who has a parent in poor health, the new and shareable health features I dug in a big way. Processing Siri voice commands on device is a winner in my book (and not just for the speed). The linking between apps, especially messaging, could be pretty useful. Etc.

Apple has plenty of sins, and—them being them—it'll take a year or more before half the new stuff work as well as it should (if ever), but in terms of the features/directions they're going, I'm pretty happy with the directions they're going in. To the other stuff (need to reboot regularly, etc.), I dunno whether it's based on usage tendencies or luck of the draw with devices, but I've really never had the kind of technical problems others have described. Usually, everything just works. The worst I tend to get is choppy behavior from non-Apple AirPlay and HomeKit devices, which can get super annoying, but not enough to put me off.

But yeah, you'll fill your corporate lingo Bingo cards in fifteen minutes flat every time with the cringy presentations.

iOS 15 Preview

I'm definitely not a poweruser of iOS, but I really like a lot of what they showed in there. Seems like a strong deepening of features for a lot of the apps I do use most often.

Maybe it was my mood, but when I watched live I found the keynote to be very “meh” overall.

Then when I was browsing my feeds last night I kept coming across interesting bits that I either missed, or didn’t get mentioned. Here’s a list I jotted down of the features that I’m most interested in.

Apple Watch:
Multiple timers - number one update!!!
Mindfullness app
Sleep respiratory rate - interesting, but no sure if useful

iPhone & iPad:
Safari extensions - nice!
Safari tab groups
On-device Siri
Notifications summary
Focus mode
Text selection magnifying glass - hooray!

Home screen widgets - been waiting a year for this!
Better multi-tasking
iPhone apps in landscape mode - nice for stupid apps like Instagram

Sleep home screen widget

Apple TV:
Control Apple TV with HomePod Mini - I may finally buy a HomePod for this

HopePod Mini:
Recognize different voices

One thing that didn't make the keynote: in CarPlay, you will have the option for Siri to immediately read aloud text messages as you receive them, rather than having to look down at the screen to tap on the message notification to trigger it. I will definitely be using that.

And the dark sorcery that is Universal Control. You know, for those of us with Macs.

Kurrelgyre wrote:

And the dark sorcery that is Universal Control. You know, for those of us with Macs.

That was the only thing that I thought was cool out of the whole presentation. Its use is limited for me, since I mostly converted to Windows over the past few years (although I do plan to get a new MacBook Air at some point, if the rumors of colored computers are true, to replace my aging 2015 MacBook Pro), but it still looks really cool.

Lots of neat stuff. Mostly I'm interested in focus, Facetime with anyone, the notifications update, wallet/keys updates, and the photos update. Nothing monumental but a lot of improvements that look good for me.

Here are couple more interesting tidbits:

tvOS 15 lets you sign in to apps using Face ID on your iPhone

You can place multiple copies of the same app on your home screen with iOS 15

This sounds silly at first, but I use a couple of the same apps for both work and home. With focus mode it seems I’ll be able to auto-hide my work screen (and more importantly notifications!) at certain times.