Apple Operating Systems (macOS, iOS, watchOS, & tvOS) Catch-All

Brew recently closed their M1 support tracking issue. Most everything else I can think of works through emulation if it's not native by now, even Java-based tools.

Mac software developers are usually pretty good about keeping up with Apple's architecture changes.

Except game ports. Those often end up getting left behind.

DSGamer wrote:

I’m tempted by the M1 machines, but I’m worried about how well it will be supported for development. If I didn’t have that concern, however, and just needed a general purpose computer I would grab one in a heartbeat.

This is my concern with M1 as well. Virtualization and container stuff all appears not yet ready for prime time. There will be some growing pains.

If you develop purely in MacOS, aimed primarily at MacOS (or iOS), it should be pretty much flawless. Apple's dev tools should make fat binaries that will run on any current Mac or i-Device.

Anything more advanced than that is likely to be problematic.