[Discussion] Climate Change

This thread is just to post interesting news, thoughts, opinions about climate change.

I looked up Jacobabad on Google maps to try and predict what happens as it gets hotter and the hot region expands.
The Indus river is not to far away and it looks like a main artery for Pakistan. It also looks like while it runs long, it also runs very thin. The thinner that gets, more and more of Pakistan is screwed....

A bit long but a sobering response to the recent climate change conference in Bonn:

California’s largest reservoirs at critically low levels – signaling a dry summer ahead


Doesn't seem so bad, nice little hilly area for hiking and...

/holds earpiece

....I'm sorry, i'm being told that was a lake that looked like this 20 years ago


It was especially noticeable from the air when I flew down to SoCal and Vegas a couple weeks ago.

But gotta keep the almond farmers happy.

Lake Mead at it's lowest recorded level too. 100 feet from catastrophe.

SallyNasty wrote:

But gotta keep the almond farmers happy.

Yep. Tell those city dwellers don’t wash your car meanwhile let any farmer take thousands of gallons whenever they want. And don’t forget to let them use it to grow cheap alfalfa to ship to China because they don’t have cheap enough water to grow it there and don’t want those container ships going back empty.


NYT: As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’

SALT LAKE CITY — If the Great Salt Lake, which has already shrunk by two-thirds, continues to dry up, here’s what’s in store:

The lake’s flies and brine shrimp would die off — scientists warn it could start as soon as this summer — threatening the 10 million migratory birds that stop at the lake annually to feed on the tiny creatures. Ski conditions at the resorts above Salt Lake City, a vital source of revenue, would deteriorate. The lucrative extraction of magnesium and other minerals from the lake could stop.

Most alarming, the air surrounding Salt Lake City would occasionally turn poisonous. The lake bed contains high levels of arsenic and as more of it becomes exposed, wind storms carry that arsenic into the lungs of nearby residents, who make up three-quarters of Utah’s population.

It's like the Dust Bowl mixed with a mustard gas attack from World War I.

I feel for the wildlife. The resorts, not so much.

Looking at all the bodies and cars they're pulling out of Lake Meade and I couldn't help but wonder if the mob's switching to Volts and Teslas.

Rat Boy wrote:

Looking at all the bodies and cars they're pulling out of Lake Meade and I couldn't help but wonder if the mob's switching to Volts and Teslas.

Totally unrelated to the thread, but I read this, opened a new tab, and then saw this:

Toyota recalls its first electric cars amid fears the wheels could fall off