[Discussion] Violence by or at Police

Posting news articles about recent events involving either violence directed at police officers or violence done by them, as well as discussion of those events and the general subject.

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The phrase isn't "It's just a few bad apples, don't worry about it". It's "A few bad apples spoil the barrel."

I hate this phrase, because it can equally be applied to Syrian refugees coming into the country. It's much more nuanced than that.

However the phrase doesn't suggest "so we better throw out all apples in all barrels so that we don't ever have to worry about it", which is how it seems like you think people would apply it to the Syrian refugees.

Despite all the doomsaying from Trump-types, are there any actual examples of bad apples in Syrian refugees that have been relocated inside the United States? They undergo at least an order of magnitude more vetting than police officers, and they're not the ones given guns and told to use them.

St. Louis is home to the largest population of Bosnians outside of Bosnia itself, as it was prime settlement of refugees during the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 80's.

The city seems to have weathered the storm of Muslims just fine. Apparently it is only brown Muslims we are scared of.

It's interesting, if you look at how many Americans have been killed by terrorists vs how many have been killed by police, it's pretty clear which group we should be far more afraid of. And it's not the ones flying planes into buildings.

A bit of a thread necro, but...

This woman drove her injured boyfriend to the hospital — then claims she was attacked by police

The police claimed Williams scratched a police sergeant before he and other officers took her to the ground, then into custody. She spent a week in jail, charged with second-degree assault on a police officer and battled the criminal accusations for months.

Williams said the police sergeant grew agitated that she would not hand over her keys during an unlawful car seizure. If the officer was scratched, her attorney told The Washington Post, it happened as the sergeant choked Williams, then helped tackle her. Then, as Williams lay on the ground, the sergeant stomped on her head.

The officers didn’t write about those actions in police reports, said the attorney, Adam Frank.

Backing up her claim, Williams’s lawsuit says, is “irrefutable” video footage captured by a hospital security camera. The assault charges were ultimately dropped by the district attorney, but Williams wants police to account for their actions that night.

“The way the police reports read is like a cover up,” Frank told The Post. “I think that is an interesting attempt to cover their butts. They prosecuted Ms. Williams for 10-and-a-half months based on their officers’ reports while they had the video in their possession.”

Williams’s lawsuit, filed Monday in federal district court in Colorado, seeks punitive and compensatory damages for the assault and what she claims were lies by the officers afterward.