[Discussion] Medical Quackery

This is a follow up to the thread "Medical quackery in the US upsets me very, very much". The aim of this current thread is to take up the discussion on medical quackery (widening the scope since the US isn't the only country concerned), discuss news item pertaining to it and the potential responses to address it.
The definition of medical quackery is not up for debate and includes, among others, homeopathy, vaccine skepticism, naturopathy, crystal healing, psychic healing.

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I take CBD occasionally to help with sleep and occasional back pain from an old injury, but apparently I’m sensitive to THC or something- anything more than a few mg makes feel congested and headachey. It’s not pleasant.

There is an episode of Science Vs that does a great job of demystifying CDB oil. Spoiler: Since CDB oil is unregulated, your CDB oil probably has THC in it.

Science vs CDB Oil

I know. My two favorite items are an oil/herb infusion I like that clocks at 0.25 mgs THC per serving and a mint edible that sits at 1 mg. I’m sure that no CBD product is ENTIRELY 100% THC free but the legal weed industry is pretty varied at this point despite being only a few years old. My personal breaking point at which I start having adverse symptoms seems to be between 5-10 mgs.